Saturday, October 17, 2009

Obama to Conservatives: Grab a mop! Another Black Conservative to Obama: Stop Pissin’ On The Floor!

I sure wish Obama would make up his damn mind. First he told us that he wanted the people who created the mess to get out of the way so he could clean up. Now he wants everyone to grab a mop!

Perhaps if Obama and Nancy weren’t so damn busy pissing on the floor with their useless stimulus packages, their indecision on Afghanistan, their pushing job killing Cap and Trade legislation and their forcing an unaffordable and undesirable health care package down our throats, they would not need so many hands on deck. Obama is nothing more than a completely useless crybaby when it comes to taking responsibility for the serious issues facing the nation.

More and more it is becoming abundantly clear Obama simply isn’t up to the job of POTUS. He is stilling wasting jet fuel running around in campaign mode while all kinds of foreign and domestic fires burn. Americans were duped into believing that this man, with his resume as thin as onion skin, could possible tackle the pressing issues of today. It will be only through strong opposition and the grace of God, that America makes it through the next 3 years in tact.

Over at Hot Air, Allah sees Obama playing the blame game up until 2015: 
The good news: The “socialist mop” line made me laugh. The bad news: He’ll be telling us it’s our mess that he’s cleaning up until, oh, 2015 or so at the earliest. How he’s planning to blame the stimulus waste or inevitable cost overruns on health care on the right isn’t yet clear to me, but have faith. He’ll find a way. It’s … what he does. 
Hopefully in 2015 he will be doing that whining at his presidential library … in Cuba!

Via: Hot Air


namaste said...

excellent rant. i LOVE the title of this post. very clever.


Janelle said...

Too funny - makes me wonder how many mops will start showing up at the Tea Parties.

FeFe said...

But The Onion said Obama was going to talk with the raging fires without preconditions. Isn't that what he won the Peaze Prize for? Also, don't you have to be a dues paying member of the SEIU before using a mop? Will getting wee-weeded up be covered under ObamaCare?

O Bloody Hell said...

I long, long ago predicted that he would make us appreciate the competency of the Carter Administration.

And his *skin color* had not one single thing to do with that.


Anonymous said...

Love the title!

I served 2 years in the Army. My brother just retired after 20 years in the Air Force.

It makes steam come out of my ears knowing the Commanding General asked for additional troops almost two months ago and Obama is delaying the decision while he plays politics to appease his left loon base.


Jill said...

So many politicians have made a mess of our government that the fact one of them (especially the one spending money our great grandchildren will never have) is telling US (the regular person who barely makes enough to get by) to clean up and grab a mop is just too ironic and insulting. Excuse me but if our greedy political friends would just leave us the hell alone and let us clean up our OWN messes instead of trying to bail us all out (whether we want them to or not) then we would be fine!

Excellent post!

Anonymous said...

I likey your blog and will linky love often!

Bob Belvedere said...


Anonymous said...

Not on topic-just wanted you to know just found you-will return often-nicely done

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