Thursday, October 29, 2009

Conservative Ad Touts Dede Scozzafava's "Progressive Credentials"

Politico is labeling this ad a political dirty trick.  I say it looks more like truth in advertising. 

From Politico:

A brand-new organization calling itself Common Sense in America is up with a major television ad buy in the New York special election, praising Republican Dede Scozzafava as the “best choice for progressives.”
At first glance, the group’s ad looks like it’s an endorsement of Scozzafava. But it’s a dirty trick engineered by Hoffman supporters, looking to render her unacceptable to many Republican voters by detailing her liberal position on gay marriage, support of President Obama’s stimulus and connections to labor. 

The group Common Sense in America turns out to have ties to the Club For Growth which is now fully behind Doug Hoffman.

From Politico:

In tracking down information about Common Sense in America, it’s clear they don’t have the best intentions for Scozzafava in mind. The group, which was founded on October 23, is headed by Arkansas businessman Jackson Stephens, a board member of the Club for Growth. The Club for Growth was one of the first groups to endorse Hoffman.
Stephens donated the maximum $4,800 to Hoffman’s campaign, and is one of the Club for Growth’s leading donors. 
Calling the group’s phone number – listed on the advertisement – led me to a voice mail from Stephens, which directed all questions about Common Sense in America to Dan Blum, a communications consultant who is serving as a spokesman for the organization. According to FEC records, Blum worked for the Republican National Committee as a staffer as recently as this January.
"Common Sense In America, LLC was recently founded for the purpose of providing factual information about the positions taken by candidates for Congress," said Blum. 
"The purpose of this ad, produced independent of any other organization, is to give voters undisputed facts about candidate Dede Scozzafava’s positions. Ms. Scozzafava is clearly and indisputably on record supporting the Obama stimulus, card check, and gay marriage. These positions would make her an ideal candidate for progressive voters in New York’s 23rd congressional district."

Mr. Blum is right Dede would be the perfect candidate for progressives and they can have her. Go Hoffman!

Via: Memeorandum
Via: Politico

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