Monday, October 12, 2009

White House Communications Director Pours A Glass of Whine About Fox News

White House Communications Director Anita Dunn poured herself a big ol’ glass of whine about Fox News’ coverage of the White House while on CNN yesterday.

This is comical. The Bush administration took fire from every media organization out there and much to their detriment did not utter nary a complaint. Obama and his administration actually have CNN fact checking SNL jokes and ABC doing infomercials for them and all they can do is whine about Fox News?

Just last week David Axelrod met with Roger Ailes, to no doubt bitch some more. The truth of the matter is Fox is the only news station out there asking questions outside of the realm of “Did Michelle and the girls give Bo a bath today?”

In the Time article they mention the ratings of Fox’s shows vs. the lefty shows on MSNBC and CNN.  The difference is staggering. 

The ratings tell the story: In September, according to Nielson, the top thirteen cable news shows were on Fox, led by the networks conservative pundits: The O'Reilly Factor (2.6 million households), Sean Hannity (2.1 million), Glenn Beck (2.2 million), and the less political Greta Van Susteren (1.8 million). The top non-Fox shows are CNN's Larry King (921,000), Countdown with Keith Olbermann (881,000) and Rachel Maddow (827,000). Only then, in the 17th spot, does Anderson Cooper make a showing, with 746,000 households in the 10 p.m. hour.
What is even funnier is that on the very day Anita Dunn’s was having her bitch session with Howie Kurtz, an ad for Mr. Tea Bagger Anderson Cooper came on that went something like this: 

The ironic part came later, during the commercial break. All morning, CNN has been intermittently running a promo for Anderson Cooper 360, a show that has long billed itself as a classic straight news program with an investigative front man who digs "beyond the headlines" with "many points of view, so you can make up your own mind." The new promo, by contrast, consists of a woman's voice, pitching Cooper's show as, essentially, a liberal alternative to Fox News: "I'm a lifelong Democrat," she says, "and that's why I watch Anderson Cooper." Hmmm. The voice goes on to say that Cooper is the person she can turn to hold "right wing" conservatives accountable. Cooper is not exactly aiming for the political middle ground here.

I guess that is what the White House wants, Democratic News on all stations all the time. 

Via: Time
Via: Hot Air


Anonymous said...

That description of the ad for Anderson cooper's 360 is actually false. There IS a woman who says she is a life long democrat and that's why she watches the show, but she says it at the same time as a man says that he is a lifelong republican and that is why he watches the show. The point of the ad is to emphasize 360's impartiality and dual appeal.

Janelle said...

I'm unable to recall when this President has debated any opposition. If you never meet with any individual or group with opposing views, you can't have a debate. Did I miss it?

No Subject said...

Give me a break.

With every passing day it seems the B.O and his henchmen (not to forget his henchwomen) crawl deeper and deeper into the bunker, and blindly launch more and more rockets, hoping that some of them might actually hit a real target. In the end, they only manage to shoot themselves in the head.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is becoming one of my favorites. Great work.


LL said...

The American people are hungering for objective news and it's not to be had with the legacy media. In fact, BBC and even (God forbid) the Russian media do a better job of reporting US national events than MSNBC.

It's sad that the investigative reporting done by the mainstream media is so tightly controlled by the White House. And that our Nobel Laureate President is so unworthy of every citizen who voted for him.

Clifton B said...


Is Time telling tales? I will look for a YouTube clip of commercial.

Clifton B said...


I guess they consider all those straw man arguments to be debate. Clearly this administration doesn't handle opposition too well.

Clifton B said...

No Subject:

Yes Obama and his administration seem a wee bit fond of self inflicted wounds.

Clifton B said...


Yes more and more the foreign press is the only ones getting things right. I have never visited the Telegraph more in my life.

Clifton B said...


Thanks Scott and welcome to ABC!

Jess said...

They're failing and resorting to cheap shots. It won't work. If anything, it reduces their credibility and fuels discontent.

Tom_Ohio said...

The White House is attacking people of color and liberal viewers that are pumping up Fox ratings.

Juan Williams let the cat out of the bag on Bret's show this evening.
One third of Fox viewers are self-described liberals, and one fourth are people of color.

THIS is what the White House is trying to stop, the actual education of what they think is their base support.
Once this dam is breached, then the Obama ride is over.
They need to keep the wool pulled over those specific eyes more than anything else to make his presidency work.


The Vegas Art Guy said...

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Why does "Back in the USSR" suddenly take on a whole new meaning every time Obama and the press are mentioned in the same sentence?

Clifton B said...


This is probably a misdirection so that they can get away with something else, like cobbling together the nightmare senate version of Obama Care.

Clifton B said...


I think the administration is already too late. I forget which outfit did the poll, but a few weeks back, there was a poll that showed something like 80% of people thought the media was bias in favor of Obama and had a hand in his election. With numbers like that, it is no wonder everyone is moving to Fox.

Clifton B said...


For me it is shades of Chavez. Grrr.

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