Saturday, October 3, 2009

Glenn Beck’s “As A Mom” Episode

For those of you who did not catch Glenn Beck today, here is a video clip of the show. Thanks to Left Coast Rebel for tracking it down.

In this episode, fellow black conservative and blogging friend Mary Baker returns. In addition, I finally figured out who the lady with the 12 kids is [Barbara Curtis]. From Beck’s first episode of Moms, I said to myself, “hey I have seen that woman somewhere”. I racked my brain for days trying to figure it out. Finally today it hit me today when she said the name of her blog, Mommy Life! For those of you who follow my FMJRAs you will notice that Mommy Life has linked to ABC on several occasions.

I think Beck is on to something by helping moms unite. I remember the New York Tea Party I attended and how moms dominated it. Even when I first started blogging one of the first bloggers to ever link me was a mom. Opus #6 at Ma Info has a very sharp and savvy blog with a following easily double that of mine.

Lisa Graas over at Mommy,like Opus #6, is another mom who blogs. She keeps a very up to date blog and like me, is a strong Palin supporter.

So for all you moms looking for resources, here are the links from the show in addition to the bloggers introduced above:

Lori Parker’s site: As A Mom

Barbara Curtis’s blog: Mommy Life

Mary Baker’s Blog: Mary Baker


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

I watched. I tried to join 'As A Mom . org.' Yes tried.

Oh I got to it and got to all the questions needed to be answered. But then I stopped.

Why? I'm a feisty Grandmom. Why stop?

Because I could not pass their litmus test of being a Believer or a Christian or whatever they want.

And I'm pretty peeved, again.

Where is there a place for me? Conservative Mother/Grand mother, who spent years of pondering, to become an Agnostic.

Believe me Folks, that is a problem for the Conservative Movement. One which I usually just gloss over. By thinking... So I don't fully agree with everything, but that's OK, because I'm still Conservative.

But... I am excluded... From places in the Movement. -sigh-

And I thought the Founding Fathers demanded Freedom of Religion, for me. Guess Freedom of Religion for me, means the necessity to pass some litmus test, to some people.

A problem Folks. And this is the first time I've mentioned it, in public. Anyone have any answers?

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Aunt Amelia's Attic-If you find an answer, let me know. Fellow grandma here but very much an agnostic. Perhaps we need to come out of the closet. To tell the truth, I get pretty tired of all the religion stuff seemingly being seen as defining for being a conservative. And this is not a slam to those who do believe...I just don't.

Unknown said...

My guess - it might have something to do with acknowledging the fact that the USA is a republic. Our Constitution is based on biblical laws that don't change, no matter what the majority thinks. (Inalienable rights) This is the basic difference between a democracy and a republic. Mob rules are seldom good rules.

You do raise a very interesting question, do you have to believe in God to support the Constitution? The document itself says no. Perhaps you should email the webmaster and make them give you an answer they can live with or change the "litmus test".

That said, do you really think everything came from nothing? It is such an awsome, wonderful, intricate balance of codependancy.

Clifton B said...

Aunt Amelia:

As A Mom is a Ning site, they all have those crazy test questions. Did they reject you when you told the truth or did you just stop after reading the question?

While I do understand conservatives, strong believe in God, I don't think anyone should discriminate against those who don't. True believers in the founding of America must understand that this nation was built on religious tolerance and that includes having no faith at all.

Clifton B said...

Happy Hour:

Tell the truth! You should not have to hide your beliefs. From what I gathered about the women at As A Mom, I cannot imagine that they would exclude those who did not meet each and every last value or principle. Even Beck did not require everyone to meet all 9-12 values and principles. Try again and let me know.

Clifton B said...


... do you have to believe in God to support the Constitution

I would say no, so long as one understand that the Inalienable Rights are inherent in each individual and therefore cannot be taken away by any government. Understanding the inherent nature of our Inalienable Rights is key to understanding the how, why and the scope of government. So many of today's laws fly in the face of our true rights. Most notable the absurd progressive tax.

Anonymous said...

On As a Mom it states 7 of the 9 principals. You don't have to have all 9 to belong. If you were rejected might try it again.

Opus #6 said...

Clifton, thank you so much for the link and kind words. I very much appreciate you in the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

You do not need to be a Christian, nor even to believe in God to be a member of

You only must agree to 7 of the 9 principals. There are many of all faiths, and some of none all coming together as a mom to make a difference.

Unknown said...

You go girls!! Here's the leading video in Glenn Beck's national video contest for his Arguing with Idiots book. It makes fun of the progressive view of "New America" and promotes the ideals of the 9.12 project:

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