Thursday, October 29, 2009

Romney Votes Present On NY-23

From The Note:

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: Former Gov. Mitt Romney is resisting the temptation among potential 2012 candidates to jump into the contentious House race in upstate New York -- but he told reporters in Virginia today that his lack of endorsement is itself something of a statement.
“I have chosen not to endorse the Republican in the 23,” Romney, R-Mass., said while campaigning for GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell.
Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom provided a few more details regarding Romney’s thinking: “Mitt Romney is a Republican and he tends to support the Republican candidate in races and when he can't because there are too many differences on the issues, he stays out of the race altogether and that's the course he's following in the New York special election. He doesn't plan to make any endorsement at all.” MORE
That has to be the lamest excuse I ever heard. Mitt Romney is clearly a GOP leadership darling so it is no wonder he won't come flat out against Scozzafava. By not picking either side, Mitt hopes to have his cake and eat it too. I don't think that is going to work. 
Mitt can use all the conservative street cred he can get. Since Mitt had to sit out much of the battle against ObamaCare, so as  not to remind people about RomneyCare he needs something that would put him back in the game and a Hoffman endorsement could do the trick.
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Nikki said...

Oh come on! Clifton you know I love you but this is so much like the denounce cries of Sean Hannity...denounce, endorse, support! Who cares. I don't need a conservative litmus test every time a politician poops out policy. I think this is nit-picking and I can't have you Mitt-picking!!! :)N

Larry Sheldon said...

Being way to the left of the average DIABLO, he is faced with a terrible dilemma--endorse the Republican-labeled loser with whom he agrees, or the conservative with whom he disagrees violently.

Soloman said...

Cliff, I agree with you 100. Romney's got questions he needs to answer, and we're looking for "that" person to step up and show leadership.

All I want is someone who is fiscally strong but who won't cave to the constant need to "negotiate" or "meet in the middle." Excuse me, but screw the middle, the middle got us where we are today.

It's time to clean house, and Romney needs to pick up a Capitalist mop or wait to be offered Sec. of Treasury.

Clifton B said...


I am duly scolded for my Mitt Picking. I did not point out Mitt for failing a litmus test, but I do think it is high time for the GOP to get back on its conservative moorings.

Clifton B said...

Larry Sheldon:

I have to be honest. I don't think Romney is anything like Scozzafava nor do I think Mitt is a full on RINO. I do think Mitt is politically expedient and once the winds have decidedly changed, he changes with them. Should Hoffman usher in a new conservative leaning to the GOP, then look for a much more conservative Mitt in 2012.

Clifton B said...


I agree, I have no desire to elect unprincipled politicians anymore. Sink or swim, stand on what you believe and live by it.

Romney, provided he plays nice during the primaries, will certainly have a top spot in any GOP administration if he doesn't win the presidency himself.

Larry Sheldon said...

Clifton B--OK Romney is not a RINO (I prefer the term DIABLO, which is the same thing but gives us a "D" instead of a misleading "R").

Romney is a weather vane.

I have greater respect for RINOs and DIABLOs--they have principals (with which I disagree), but they are predictable and dependable.

Weather vanes around here sometimes seem to be trying to piont everywhere at once.

Anonymous said...

I find this utterly disappointing and self destructive. Mr. Romney is top notch. So is Mrs. Palin.

They are on the same side for the most part. Both fine Republicans who have embraced sound conservative policy. The terms used here, like "blue blood" reminds one of ugly class warfare, and is something Ronald Reagan would never have used.

This effort behind Mr. Hoffman was a group effort, and to suggest Mrs. Palin is the only victor is a bit of a stretch. Our Nation has been better served. Now we must get Mr. Hoffman to win on Election day, or the whole thing is pointless.

I note Mrs. Palin wisely endorsed Mr. Christie in NJ, who has a more moderate image, and has been making calls on behalf of many Republicans, as Mr. Romney has as well.

This is welcome, as we need to grow together to oppose the disastrous Democratic Partisan folly which is sinking us all.

The blogger C4Palin actually tried to portray Romney as the "establishment Republican insider". It is laughable, as Mrs. Palin was the Party's VP Nominee during the last General Election. You cannot get more "INSIDER" than being John McCain's pick. Besides, she grew as a Moderate Reformer who stuck it to her Party, just like McCain. Her tax increases on Oil Companies are incredibly populist. However, I still think she is wonderful. Just this vapid hype, this fashion is proving utterly mindless.

Mr. Romney not only endorsed the McCain - Palin Capaign in the last Presidential election, he worked hard for Mrs. Palin's and Mr. McCain's election. He is outstanding, just like Mrs. Palin.

The sophomoric 'hate' for Mr. Romney expressed in this regard is not only regretful, but foolishly divisive amongst those who need to grow together. Mr. Romney would make a great President, just as Mrs. Palin would. Both are fine candidates for 2012.

To see this support for Mrs. Palin is nice, but to demean others who are worthy in this manner is regretful. Sorry, Conservatism has won a little, in the case of Mr. Hoffman (who is also a Republican by the way...), and we hope that the Democratic Partisan Candidates in Virginia, NJ, and NY23rd, are soundly defeated this coming week.

Time to get it together for 2010 and 2012. This sort of bitter hostility towards Mr. Romney, will only push this Palin supporter away. Please, think in constructive terms. Thank you.

Sapwolf said...

Mitt is finished as a POTUS prospect. It is as I have been saying for 8 months.

Mitt lacks courage and convictions.

Sarah Palin has the courage, convictions and charisma to rally conservatives, libertarians and independents.

She's vetted, and can relate to everyday Americans.

Mitt is a nice guy, but dead as a 2012 POTUS candidate.

Michael said...


No, you did a great job pointing out his lack of leadership politically.

Hoffman is a life time Republican and he will solidly back Conservative principles.

Dede was a moderate at best, but an Arlen Specter likely in the end. The powers enforced her pick, not the people.

You were very fair considering Romney's liberal social and fiscal record in MA. He is the one who decided to be a liberal republican in one of the most liberal states of America. That was his decision.

Larry is correct. Romney is a Finger in the Wind guy, not a true leader for a nation. Which ever way the wind blows he flows with it. Palin is not afraid to go against the wind, to fight against the oncoming storm. But Mitt turns his back to it, and opens sail full aloft for easy coasting.

I'm tired of Finger in the Wind leaders. The far left won their election because they took a far left candidate(i'd say radical) and positioned him in the middle.

We the People can elect a true conservative and position him/her in the middle. Truth is our middle is more true than the far lefts.

Mitt lacks backbone. He did this in the 2008 primary. At the end, he realized he needed the Conservative base and he swung with the wind to try and entice them at a last moment tack.

It failed because we all knew he was just using us, instead of actually believing in it.

I want conservative values that don't tack left or right each time the wind changes direction. But astutely utilize their debate skills to defeat the other candidate. Can Palin do it? She has much to learn. Only time will tell.

Would Mitt be as bad as Obama? Obviously not, he's a Free Market guy.

But frankly, I'm tired of voting for half-way candidates. I'm not even a Republican.

The base won for the Democrats.

The base won for Reagan and Bush.

The base can win again for Republicans if they'll just recover their courage. They need to remember that behind the curtains is a man named Soros/OZ and all scary things he is doing manipulating behind the scenes to scare Conservatives evaporates the moment we pull together and pull away the curtain to expose him and other rich supporters on the left.

The more we compromise values, the less people believe their leaders. We must stop compromising and start getting back to what made the Reagan revolution possible.

Palin is a true reformer who went against her party to stop corruption. She'd clean house I think and get our nation back in business. I hope she can improver all of her skills for the onslaught of media attacks.

All the best Clifton. I think your article was honest and justified.

We need more of this honsest critiques of our leaders.

If Mitt wants to sail with the wind or roll down hill, he can join the losers that lost in 2006 and in 2008. The last thing we need is more Republicans that behave like corrupt democrats.

We need fiscal conservatives that will cut pork, reduce cost, including their own. We need to cut federal employees benefits, teachers, etc. We need to give power back to people at the local levels. We need to free up markets even more, not constrain them. The problems were due to Democrats forcing bad loans on banks. That what started the huge bubble.

We start paying for people that retire in their 50s. This is outrageous. We can no longer afford it in our nation, our states or locally. No one deserves special treatment with excpetion of our military and firemen.

Fed Civilian jobs? Forget it! They get paid to high and do to little.

Honestly, we are broke. Trillions in debt and the Dems now spending us into 1.4 trillion debt.

Palin stood against the wind. She sailed right into the storm and stood up for a small town guy who was brave enough to stand agaisnt the wind as well.

We need more leaders who stand against the storm of hypocrisy and corruption in DC.

Michael said...

I think Mitt would make a wonderful Cabinet Secretary to revitalize our nations and open up our nation for business once again.

He could open up staunch old democrat areas in Michigan. They need to run true conservatives in these areas. They need to stop being afraid of urban areas and go with full force into these areas with black conservatives to revitalize disaster areas the Democrats have ruined.

People are suffering because Democrats have controlled these regions for over 40-60 years in some areas.

We must start fighting in these failed areas and put them on the defense! We must go on the offensive and never let them breathe. We have been playing defense to long in our "forts" of safety, like our strategy in Iraq.

Not until Petraeus came and went onto the offensive did we win Iraq, neighborhood by neighborhood.

We must do it in big cities. We must confront the corruption and the Democrat machine that keeps the poor oppressed and on welfare. We must join businesses and Conservative values with a can-do spirit, along with law enforcement and faith-based communities.

And I think a big part of it can be rehabilitation, protection and then rebuilding and entrepreneur zones for those communities that buy into the program.

But we cannot just give money away to partial programs. It must include the entire community. That are tired of Democrat false promises as usual.

I think there is a wave building.

Chuck Smith, Robert Broadus, Lt.Col. West... all black conservatives who I think can be new leaders that help take back theire communities and inspire the Republican party to stick to its principles.

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