Monday, October 12, 2009

White House Shows Gays The Back of The Bus

Back in July I asked the question if gays were becoming the new blacks of the Democratic Party.  Today, it appears we get an answer to that question.   Right after Obama’s big Human Rights Campaign speech, John Harwood, NBC’s Chief Washington Correspondent had this to say:

So the White House views gay protesters as a “pajama clad Internet left fringe”. Funny, that sounds exactly like the attitude Obama had for the Tea Party protesters:

Perhaps things will start to come into focus for everyone that the disdain this White House has for Fox News and Tea Parties really isn’t the story. The truth is this White House has a problem with opposition in general.

Hopefully gays wake up and revolt against Obama and the Democrats. It may just serve as the much-needed example for the black community to once and for all unhitch their wagon from that bunch of users.


jill said...

You are so right. I've linked to you and added you to my quotes of the day.

AStanhope said...

But - it was John Harwood who said that... Not the White House.

jill said...

Harwood quoted an anonymous Obama WH advisor and stands by that. WH refutes it.

MJenks said...

Why is it that anyone who does anything on a computer counter to what you want to hear is pajama-clad losers living at home with their mothers?

Clifton B said...


Thanks for the Linkage and thank you for answering AStanhope.

Clifton B said...

inDefatigable Mjenk"

Exactly, that pajama term is getting played.

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