Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fred Thompson To Newt: We’re Not Deaf, Dumb and Blind

In response to Newt’s nonsense about conservatives purging RINOs from the GOP, Fred Thompson had a few choice words for Newt on his radio show.

From Politico
During his radio show Tuesday, Thompson said he was “sad” to hear “when a good Republican friend of mine says that I, and the other good, conservative Republicans who have endorsed Hoffman, are ‘misguided.’ And that’d be my friend, Newt Gingrich.”
“I respect Newt. He’s a friend. Done a lot of good, I think. But he endorsed Scozzafava early on. So, we have an honest disagreement in the family,” Thompson said.
But, he added, “Newt said that our support for Hoffman was a ‘purge,’ was ‘misguided,’ was—we were applying a litmus test that said if you’re not 100 percent with us than you're not with us at all. And that Scozzafava was more in step with her district and therefore we shouldn't substitute our judgment for the party elders of the district.”
Thompson, a 2008 GOP presidential candidate, then asked of Gingrich: “Who’s applying the litmus test here?”
“Are we saying that as Americans you’ve got to have an ‘R’ by your name before you vote for them? Where do you draw the line?” he continued. “If somebody with a record like this gets our seal of approval, regardless, only because she’s got an ‘R’ by the name… You know, just because we’re Republicans doesn’t mean that we’re deaf, dumb, and blind.”
Thompson is right, if any old body can have any old ideology and still be Republican, then what the heck does the party stand for?  I had pretty much stated the same thing back in May. What the GOP needs is quality Republicans that adhere to principles. The Party does not need tons and tons of “mavericks” voting willy nilly for more big government spending or liberty robbing legislation.

Via: Politico


Writer X said...

Way to go, Fred! But cool it with the "my friend" stuff. That smacks of John McCain and is definitely vomit-inducing.

We the people... said...

What the Republican Party needs are more Conservatives and less "left of center" Republicans.

OldSouth said...

As an early 'FredHead', who voted for him for Senate way back in the 90's. I'm heartened to see him continuing to take his honest and bluntly-stated stand.

He's not mean-spirited, but he is unequivocal.

The GOP made a large blunder in not embracing him in 2008, and I fear he won't have the interest to try again in 2012.

In the meantime, I'll be heading to FredPAC to drop a few more coins in the till.

I trust him to spend them well.

No Subject said...

Fred is absolutely correct. Unlike other groups of people who vote the party line, regardless of how far the party has strayed from the views of the rank and file, we conservatives tend to vote based on principle. If the party candidate does not represent our thinking, and what we know to be in the best interest of our country, our families, and ourselves, we will find some else to vote for.

One Ticked Chick said...

You'd think the GOP would have gotten the message after its abysmal loss in the elections. Do we have to hit these guys over the head with a sledgehammer to get their attention?

Jenny said...

Republicans like Newt just don't get it. He thinks that because his political plans worked so well back in the day, that it will work just the same today. A clue bat might help them to understand that it's a whole different ball game in 2009.

Roadhouse said...

To this day, Fred Thompson is the only politician I've ever actually wrote a check for. Unfortunately, the media saw the threat he was to their agenda and turned their cameras away from him early on.

That's the easiest way to kill a campaign.

Too bad about Anakin Geinrich.

Janelle said...

Amen to all of you and shout louder in 2010!

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