Friday, October 30, 2009

The White House Fights Another Worthless War, This Time Edmonds.Com

Too bad the Obama administration doesn’t have to stomach to take on America’s real foes like they do with anyone who seems to disagree with “their version of the truth”.

Today the White House has chosen to battle, Fox News, The Chamber of Commerce, Rush Limbaugh, Insurance Companies and you can even add the CIA. The White House’s latest war is now with for disputing the success of Cash For Clunkers.

It is an odd, and we'd say regrettable, pattern of this White House that it lets itself get dragged down into fights with specific media outlets.
George W. Bush experienced acrimony with the New York Times, but for the most part, other than general frustrations of a conservative administration, complaining about a liberal media, it was no big deal.
But in addition to Fox News, now The White House is going after highly-respected and influential car site
They're actually using The White House blog to dispute the site's analysis of Cash-For-Clunkers (via Detroit News).
The post is snarkily titled: "Busy Covering Car Sales on Mars, Gets It Wrong (Again) on Cash for Clunkers"
The Business Insider concludes as follows:
Seriously, what's the point of this? Clunkers is over. It just makes The White House look thin-skinned, though it's great publicity for Edmunds. And yes, Clunkers massively distorted this morning's GDP number, as we demonstrated here, but we're with Edmunds that it was a giant waste with little long-term benefit.
Perhaps if General McChrystal wants the administration to stop dithering, he should find a way for the Taliban to dispute a White House claim, then maybe Obama and his minions will find the stomach to fight a real war.

You can read Edmonds’ original analysis of Cash For Clunkers here and their response to the White House here.

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Anonymous said...

I like the comment of getting our enemies to dispute a claim so the administration will fight our real enemies. Unfortunately, with this group of clowns, they would just "revise" their facts to match theirs.

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