Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Deadbeat Dad Levi Johnston In Ad Campaign

Funny thing: Just this morning, I was skimming the headlines at People and thinking Jon Gosselin must surely be the seediest no-name D-bag “celebrity” on the American landscape.
But I was wrong, wasn’t I?
I want to call this tool a Federline for our age, but even that doesn’t quite work because K-Fed was, at least, a celebrity spouse. That is to say, Johnston’s actually a step down on the “accomplishment” scale from Kevin Federline. But of course, that’s the point of the ad: As you’ll see from the second clip, he’s not the only attractive imbecile who stumbled into his Z-list celebrity status to be featured in this campaign.

I got one better Allah, why on earth would a company use a deadbeat dad as a pitchman?  I can see the tagline now: “Wonderful Pistachios: the nut of choice for deadbeat dads everywhere”.

Apparently, the company has no problem with Levi, on their blog page they say this:[emphasis added, mine]
No babies were created in the filming of this ad 
By dczupylo
His name is Tank. And he is as big as one, too. Levi’s real-life bodyguard is a man of few words but a lot of presence. And Levi has a lot of on-screen presence, too! For his first commercial ever, he was a natural! Who knows – Wonderful Pistachios may have cracked open a new career for this infamous Alaska amateur. At the shoot, he gave a shout out on camera to his son, Tripp and all his friends back home. What’s next for this Hockey-playin, Palin papi hunk? Looks as wide-open as the plains of Alaska. 
A shout out to his son, WTF?  How about sending a check to his son! Oh, well I guess this is just one short stop on Levi's eventual slide to gay porn.

Via: Hot Air


Candle said...

This guy's the ultimate in trailer trash. The left is using him and reusing him so much that, if he's not careful, he may actually get pregnant himself. I know....ewww.

Meadow said...

LOL @ Candle!

Unfortunately, Levi is Pinocchio on a short string.

Joie said...

ROFL right now because I just watched that clip and so did my 7 yr old son. After it was finished my son asks me, "Why did you watch that dumb video?" He is a very intelligent child. ;o)
The funny thing is, I was pretty much thinking that too. My actual thoughts were, 'that's it?!?!! what did I watch that for?' and then out of my son's mouth flowed those words.

Now I am wondering what did they need Levi for in that commercial? All the content for the commercial was after his bodyguard and he were on it. I think the pistachio company could've saved themselves a lot of money bypassing them completely and it would've been more effective and I might have actually wanted some pistachios after, but they killed it with the dead beat dad. Dummies!!!!

Clifton B said...


Comment of the day! That rocked!

Clifton B said...


Now that Palin has released two statements today, watch they are going to find some reason to trot out old Levi.

Clifton B said...


Bristol Palin can easily go around the whole country an preach abstinence simply by holding up a picture of Levi.

Clifton B said...


Plus why risk the stigma of being attached to a deadbeat dad?

KOOK said...

Do not forget that he is a Deadbeeat Dan and soon to be Gay porn Idol with his appearance in playgirl. see my blog for the post.

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