Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama Okay With Taliban In Afghan Government

I actually had to read this twice to be sure. From the UK Times Online:
President Obama is prepared to accept some Taleban involvement in Afghanistan’s political future and is unlikely to favour a large influx of new American troops being demanded by his ground commander, a senior official said last night.
Mr Obama appears to have been swayed in recent days by arguments from some advisers, led by Vice-President Joe Biden, that the Taleban do not pose a direct threat to the US and that there should be greater focus on tackling al-Qaeda inside Pakistan. MORE
My, my, my what happened to all that tough talk during the election? It is becoming pretty clear that as far as Afghanistan is concerned, Obama is looking for the path of least resistance. He has no guts to go against his party and no guts to win the war in Afghanistan.  This is pathetic.
It was the Taliban that created an atmosphere in Afghanistan that allowed Al-Queda to thrive. There is even evidence that Iran is already working with the Taliban.
Allowing the Taliban to gain any legitimacy in the Afghan government is a recipe for disaster. Rather than destroying the already fragile Afghan government with weapons the Taliban can simply work to destroy it from within.
We should not be surprised that Joe Biden supports this foolish notion.  This is the man who wanted to partition Iraq and wanted to give Iran a $200 million check shortly after 9/11.
God help us and God help our troops.


Dymphna said...

It gets worse: he's told his staff to tell MCChrystal to stay where he is. Doesn't have time to talk to him.

RE: the award of Nobel Peace Prize to a sitting American president:I think they're trying to manipulate the American electorate.

I can see us swirling down the socialst drain even now.

Anonymous said...

Here's a devil's advocate question -- has anyone asked the people of Afghanistan what THEY thought of the Taliban being a part of THEIR government? I'm glad that our President can be so inclusive.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

How quickly they forget. Perhaps this one line from a speech by Tony Blair to the British Parliament in the fall of 2001 should be memorized by Obama and everyone in his administration:

"The Taliban and al-Qaeda are essentially a merged organization."

Mr. Excellent said...

Didn't Bush make a deal with al Sadr to play a role in the Iraqi government? al Sadr once said he would "humiliate" Bush in battle and Bush once described al Sadr as a "thug". And then made a deal for peace. It's called pragmatism.

Pappy said...

I think we should have great confidence in the analysis by a president who barely had a measurable job before taking office, and a Veep who has done nothing but live off the government dole all his life. Total years of military experience for both military policy makers (drum roll please) "Zero".

Clifton B said...


Obama has no interest in winning in Afghanistan. I think his immediate goal is simply to take it off the front burner.

Re: Peace Prize. This has the potential to turn him and us into a laughingstock.

Clifton B said...


Excellent question! If I am not mistaken, the left was always trying to tell us that the Iraqi wishes were for us to get out and we should have heeded that message. How come a deaf ear towards the Afghani people now?

Clifton B said...

El Cerdo:

Exactly! They have pretty much the same goals. I don't see how allowing the Taliban in will help to keep Al-Queda out.

Clifton B said...

Mr. Excellent:

Nope it is called foolish, even when Bush tried this. As of May this year, Sadr was still causing trouble.

Clifton B said...

The Texican:

Exactly, they are trying to win a war by playing politics.

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