Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kids Sing For Health Care Reform On The Set of CNN

Hat Tip Instapundit:

WTF? ‘Obama says everyone needs health care now.’?
It is like an all out assault to indoctrinate the nation’s children.  More and more I am starting to believe that all these kids singing about Obama or his programs is the result of something like the NEA conference call.  Really, how many of these videos have we seen so far?

This one is particularly galling because it was done right on CNN and the song is pretty partisan. What is interesting is that the same school had another song before the election that was non-partisan.


primerica said...

Kids as part of marketing? Nothing new. Kids as part of political marketing? Nothing new either, although I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with it.

Meadow said...

Leave our kids alone!

Moms and dads, get your kids, give them a hug and take them to the park to play. Don't let this indoctrination continue!

Bz said...

Absolutely, positively disgusting the lengths the libs are going to get their power move clinched. And SOOOO many don't get it... don't get THE BIG PICTURE... if the bleeding hearts only UNDERSTOOD that keeping health Care private is what will SERVE the masses better.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

I'd love to ask that teacher if they provided both sides of the health care issue and then have that teacher explain why they didn't have to.

Why do I keep seeing flashes of the USSR every effing time something like this pops up?

Libby's Library said...

I'm just wondering how much of their school hours are spent on learning these songs and the choreography?

I'm so glad that I found your site!

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