Sunday, October 4, 2009

Raaaaacism Industrial Complex member Janeane Garofalo is at it again.

While on the Bill Maher show, Raaaaacism Industrial Complex member Janeane Garofalo, once again squeezed feces from her limbic brain and tired to make the foolish assertion that opposition to Obama is motivated by racism!

It's obvious to anybody who has eyes in this country that tea-baggers, the 9-12ers, these separatist groups that pretend that it's about policy – they are clearly white-identity movements. They're clearly white power movements. What they don't like about the President is that he's black – or half black (applause) – and they, what also is shocking is that people keep pretending that that's not really the case with these people.

What really is shocking is that despite the fact that the president himself has repeatedly said, he doesn’t think opposition to him is motivated by race; sycophants like Garofalo still push the issue. Even Jimmy Carter had the good sense to back off that line of thinking.

I'm not talking about people that do have problems with his policies, that's fine. But these people, who are also being led by the Glenn Becks, the Michelle Bachmans, the Rush Limbows [presumably Limbaugh], whomever, they are no different than any other white identify movement that's part of our history. This has been going on since the founding of this country that white power movements have tried to establish themselves and hold onto power.

This is nonsense, she most certainly is talking about people who do have problems with Obama's policies. Most Americans do not enjoy chucking almost $800 billion down the crapper on a non-stimulating stimulus package. Most Americans are rightfully upset that Obama promised that unemployment would hold at 8%, and it has now reach 9.8% with little end in sight. The vast majority of Americans are outraged that we are immorally dumping over $11+ trillion worth of debt onto our children and grandchildren, who are too young to voice or vote their objections. Few people I can think of enjoy watching Iran prance on their merry way to becoming a nuclear armed nation with nothing more than empty talk to stop them. I could go on but all people like Garofalo will only see this as raaaaacism.

It never dawns on Garofalo that when Beck, Bachmann and Limbaugh are constantly proved right, they will end up with a big following. Beck was right about Van Jones being a radical. Van Jones own words did him in. Bachmann was raising the alarm about ACORN long before O’Keefe and Giles exposed them. Rush was right that the Obama high was going to come crashing down when Americans got a good look at his policies.

It's very weird that whenever this comes up in conversation, so few people are willing to say that yes it is racism, straight up racism. And the Republican Party has been willing to carry water for racists in this country since about the 1950s.

Funny no mention of the fact that it was the Democratic Party that was against civil rights or that it was a Republican that actually went to war to free the slaves. No mention of how when some white liberals find out that someone is a black conservative, they demand to know why you don't fit the sterotype. A she even leaves out how Joe Biden was amazed by how bright, clean and articulate” Obama was. Not a peep about Jimmy Carter referring to Obama as this boy or that Senator Robert Byrd was an actual Klansman. It sure is brave of her to jump up and down and point to racism on the other side of the fence, too bad Garofalo isn’t brave enough to see what is going on in her own backyard. Racism is an equal opportunity employer, no one party has a lock on it.

Electorally, these white power people don't have their own party – maybe they will one day – so they are electorally-dependent on the Republicans. But also troubling, Fox News is happy to feed into this; AM radio is happy to feed into this. They will continue to do this til somebody does something.

What you're saying [Thomas Friedman] is absolutely true, there's this tacit nudging towards violence. Then also, how about showing up armed? What if black people showed up armed at a McCain rally? What would be the response of that?

The only people who seem so obsessed with "tacitly nudging" the idea of Obama being assassinated is the left. They bring it up constantly. Vidal Gore did just the other day. Garofalo probably doesn’t even know that the man with the rifle at the Obama town hall was black too.

Since Garofalo loves to make assertions, I am going to make one too. I think the real reason why the Garofalo and her ilk are so obsessed with Obama getting assassinated is because they fear he is turning out to be worse than Jimmy Carter. They would much rather see something that awful happen, than to have another failed president on their hands that causes them to be out of power for a decade or two.

If Obama were assassinated, the left could play the victim card, bury him with fanfare and forever pretend he was better than JFK. All that would be far more preferable to them, than to suffer the scorn of the American people for serving up yet another lightweight and that is why they push this ugly theme so much.

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on-the-rocks said...

We have to stand tall against the "all criticism of Obama is racism" charge by replying that it would be much the same if Hillary Clinton was president.

(If you have already made this point, please forgive. I have just found your blog and haven't had time to read all of it, yet.)

Keep up the good work.

JMK said...

Janeane Garofalo's being a complete idiot notwithstanding, this is what the far-Left HAS to do. Since they CAN'T argue any issue on its own merits, it MUST slime, smear and personally attack all that they disagree with.

They can't argue economics. They have no retort for the fact that tiny Hong Kong proves that maket-based economies work best. Hong Kong still has the lowest Misery Index (MI) in the world. America's BEST recent economy was brought about by the Gingrich-led Federal budget CUTS, delivering not only our lowest MI in over 40 years (6.1, Hong Kong's was 6.0 in 2007), but all those surpluses at the end of the Clinton era, that the same dolts often crow about, apparently not realizing that Clinton FOUGHT AGAINST THOSE CUTS!

They have NO argument for any of that.

They also have no argument for the fact that despite all the historical abuses of all the theocracies throughout human history, NONE, in fact, all of those combined, didn't murder as many humans as did the two ugliest theocracies of the 20th Century - the faith-based, atheistic theocracies of Stalin and Mao.

They have NO logical arguments, because to them EMOTION trumps logic. The Left are the infantile, spoiled brats of the ideological world.

And they wonder why they're alienating more and MORE Americans every day.

Leesa C. said...

WOW! You literally took the words right out of my brain (and mouth:) I couldn't have said it better. Keep up the good work. Glad I found this blog!
Sincerely in Christ,
Leesa C.
Proud third generation black - puerto rican republican

Bz said...

YUP! You hit the nail on the head... you know, you're good at that. So good at that.

mike said...

"No mention of how when some white liberals find out that someone is a black conservative, they demand to know why you don't fit the sterotype."

Just an anecdote. Not too long ago, when a white liberal friend of mine found out that one of my gay friends is a Republican, she said:

"What? After all we've done for you?"

That's what they're saying when they blast minority conservatives. They're saying "you owe us". That's why there was so much anger about black folks voting for Prop 8 in California.

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