Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Michael Steele Caught Praising ACORN

From CNN:

On September 15, after the Senate voted to defund the community organizing group, Steele released a statement accusing ACORN of "nefarious activities," saying it uses "illegal means to achieve its ends." A few days later, on September 24, Steele called for congressional Democrats to investigate the "corrupt organization" and said damage control efforts by ACORN officials were "insulting."
But during a speaking appearance in the days between issuing those two statements, Steele had kind words for ACORN and its CEO, Bertha Lewis, who happened to be guiding that so-called damage control. 
Appearing September 21 at Philander Smith College, a historically black college in Arkansas, the RNC chairman spoke diplomatically of the group and its history of organizing in low-income communities. 
"The organization has a problem that it needs to deal with," Steele told the audience in remarks that were recorded and posted on YouTube over the weekend. "I will say that current head of the organization, she has done a phenomenal job of getting out in front of it. I applaud her. I take her at her word that she wants to make sure that the bad apples are thrown out."  MORE 

Sorry about the stupid blue field in front of the video.  Whoever uploaded it was far more interested in the second half.

Keep in mind as Mr. Steele goes on about how he applauds Bertha Lewis’ actions, she was lying her ass off and trying to smear James O’Keefe and Hanna Giles.  Sadly, Steele is too much like most of the current Republican leadership.  They flip flop all over the damn place because they put electability above everything else.  This is why the GOP is chock full of useless RINOs who are willing to vote for all kinds of crappy legislation simply because they believe it might buy them another term.

As we prepare for the midterm elections in 2010, keep Republicans like Steele in mind and work diligently to vote against them in any primary challenges.

Now on a personal note, I find Steele trying to soften his message in front of black students disgusting. ACORN is a criminal enterprise that uses black people under the guise of helping them.  Steele has done a great disservice to his people by not calling out ACORN for what they are.

If Steele’s goal is to bring more blacks to the GOP, it would certainly help by telling the truth.  Using moral equivalence to compete with Democrats is shameful. It would be far better in the long run to show blacks just how leftist organizations like ACORN are evil and ultimately damage the black community rather than help it. 

Did Steele not notice that the majority of people caught in that sting operation were black?  So why not tell those black students that the truth, that ACORN uses black people to carry out their criminal activity. Shame on you Michael, shame!

Via: CNN
Via: YouTube


Anonymous said...

So far, I have been very unimpressed by the leadership abilities of Mr. Steele. Instead of developing alternative policies to what the Obama administration has been offering, Steele has been content just going tit for tat with them, going counter move to counter move and exchanging insults. This is not the way to rebuild the party. To praise an organization as corrupt as ACORN is just senseless. Somebody with fresh ideas really needs to replace this guy.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Agree with MK above, Steele is a terrible spokesman for the party.He needs to go.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Bravo, Clifton! Great post, I agree with every word.

We have no room, not now at this most crucial time, for wafflers and whichever way the wind blows folks. We need some straight talking, fearless LEADER, not a wimpy, flip flopping follower.

Meadow said...

The GOP and our country needs a leader who doesn't try to make one size fit all.

A leader is needed who will hold true to THEIR beliefs. It is up to us, the US, to determine what we will tolerate, isn't it?

The time is coming.

Clifton B said...


Count me in for unimpressed too. Steele comes off to me as a man who is confused about whether he wants to be a lion or a mouse.

Clifton B said...


I had my doubts about Steele from the get go, when I learned he was in a group with Christie Todd Whitman and Tom Ridge. The group was one of those lets water down conservatism in order to expand the party.

Clifton B said...

Fuzzy Slippers:

I do believe the electorate is changing. By 2012 wafflers will be terribly obsolete.

Clifton B said...


I do believe that the people are going to be picky as hell from here on out. Voting may no longer be based on D and R, but on do you keep your word.

JMK said...

Too many Republicans want to be "all things to all people." That's their primary problem.

Why is it that Conservatives are ALWAYS asked to give up THEIR principles for the sake of "a bigger tent?" I never see liberals asked to give theirs.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, liberal/Rockefeller-Republicans hate Conservatives as much as their fellow liberal Dems do!

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