Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Video: Obama Leads SEIU Chant, “Paint The Nation Purple”

Amazing the things you find when you actually start looking. This video comes from The Naked Emperor News.  Clearly someone really needs to take a serious look at the whole Obama/SEIU/ACORN connections, it might help us all to better understand why he is pushing these dreadful policies.

H/T: Doug Ross


The Conservative Lady said...

Just more proof of what this man intends to do to our country. Thanks for posting. I am going to re-post this over at TCL. The more people see this, the better.

@eloh said...


Clifton B said...


Just imagine what we could have known had we had an honest and impartial media during the election.

Please share on TCL blog.

Clifton B said...


You got that right!

Anonymous said...

If people are going to be singing hymns and saying prayers ABOUT the President (a cult of personality?), does this mean I can go back to reading the Bible in public and praying to God in schools?

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