Monday, October 12, 2009

Tea Partiers Set To Go Rogue On GOP’s RINO Candidates

From Politico
While the energy of the anti-tax and anti-Big Government tea party movement may yet haunt Democrats in 2010, the first order of business appears to be remaking the Republican Party.
Whether it’s the loose confederation of Washington-oriented groups that have played an organizational role or the state-level activists who are channeling grass-roots anger into action back home, tea party forces are confronting the Republican establishment by backing insurgent conservatives and generating their own candidates — even if it means taking on GOP incumbents. 
No surprise here. The GOP has had a long time love affair with RINO candidates that just don’t follow conservative principles. We now that much of the conservative base is becoming activist, many of them are going against the party and supporting candidates that they feel best support their principles.

The GOP’s RINO problem has forever been a thorn in the base’s side. Just yesterday, squishy Lindsey Graham came out the ideological closet and said he will support Cap and Tax!  Could someone please explain to me where there is a single conservative principle in Cap and Tax?

Earlier this year, the NRSC had the gall to back mega RINO Charlie Christ over a true conservative Mario Rubio.  Never mind that Christ would be considered box-office poison to much of the GOP base.

From Politico
In Florida, where the national party has signaled its preference for centrist Gov. Charlie Crist in the GOP Senate primary, tea party activists are lining up behind former state House Speaker Marco Rubio in reaction to Crist’s public backing for President Barack Obama’s stimulus package. 
“We were very disappointed with Gov. Charlie Crist when he supported the stimulus, the bailout, and he appeared publicly with President Obama,” said Everett Wilkinson, a South Florida-based organizer for Tea Party Patriots. “The opposition comes from Crist’s support for the largest spending plan ever and the environmental policies he’s pushing on the American people.” 
Back in May, I said what the GOP base needs to do is stop playing the numbers game and go for quality candidates.  What good is having control of both houses if you cannot count on their support on the issues?  It appears that some Democrats are waking up to this fact too.

Via: Politico


Janelle said...

Clifton, funny that you would mention Marco Rubio.
He has received donations from this South Florida resident and will receive more.

The Griper said...

next years elections are getting to be more interesting day in and day out.

Anonymous said...

Graham should join Bush's buddy Specter and join the party of his heart of hearts Donkey!

Rod Stanton
Cerritos, Cal

The Conservative Lady said...

Let's hope more GOP candidates like Marco Rubio run against a RINO in the primaries and beat them. This is the you know...I am not a big fan of third party candidates as they guarantee the Dem wins.
I, too, am a FL resident and have contributed to Mr. Rubio's campaign. I urge everyone who can to do so. Gov. Crist has big bucks!

The Vegas Art Guy said...

That reminds me of the speech Reagan made in the 70s talking about how the GOP could begin retaking the Senate and Congress.

Kelsey said...

I've always thought of the conservative base as the conscience of the party (although lately I couldn't care less about any party.) We're there constantly reminding them of what they're supposed to be doing, and hollering at them when they're doing it wrong.

I know some that are thinking of voting against McDonnell in Virginia because of the Palin thing. We need to quit settling for the lesser of two evils. It's the only way they'll ever learn to respect the conservative base.

Janelle said...

Term limits for Congress.......... they will never vote for it, but we can insure it. meutang

Clifton B said...


I gave to Rubio too. Him, Bachmann, Palin and I may give to DeMint too. The rest of them, nope.

Clifton B said...

The Griper:

You had better believe next year will be interesting. I will be nice to see which Rep and Dems get blasted out of the water.

Clifton B said...

Rod Stanton:

Welcome to ABC. You are right Lindsey Graham, is just another RINO like his buddy McCain. He needs to be voted out like yesterday.

Clifton B said...


I would love nothing more than to see Rubio beat Crist. The GOP had no business supporting Charlie in the first place. To make matters worse there is still that rumor that he is gay. Watch him win the primary and then get outed by the Dems. So foolish.

Clifton B said...


You are speaking of Reagan's 1975 CPAC speech, "Let Them Go Their Way". It was true then and till true today.

Clifton B said...


I am still on the fence about term limits. While it does a great job cleaning out the deadwood, it also votes out really good ones too.

If a politician is excellent and the people want him/her to run again then why not. That is the downside of term limits.

Perhaps we should do term limits with threshold. Any pol, who has a 80% or better approval rating can run for another term, otherwise bye bye.

Clifton B said...


I know what you mean. Quite frankly after 2012, conservatives really should consider starting a third party and jettison the GOP once and for all.

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