Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tim Pawlenty Endorses Doug Hoffman

Tim Pawlenty: “We cannot send more politicians to Washington who wear the Republican jersey on the campaign trail, but then vote like Democrats in Congress on issues like card check and taxes. After reviewing the candidates’ positions, I’m endorsing Doug Hoffman in New York’s special election. Doug understands the federal government needs to quit spending so much, will vote against tax increases, and protect key values like the right to vote in private in union elections.” 
A very good statement by T-Paw, especially the first sentence.  Erickson also sees Pawlenty’s endorsement carrying more weight than Palin’s, because Pawlenty is a sitting Governor and has ties to the GOP Establishment.  
What makes this stand out even more than the Palin endorsement is that Pawlenty has not been seen as diverging with the Republican establishment. He’s not seen as the maverick that Palin is.
But Pawlenty has a huge amount of stature inside the Republican establishment, more so than Palin. That he is now willing to come out in favor of Hoffman is going to resonate among the Republican establishment in ways Palin’s endorsement will not. 
Granted I am biased towards Palin, but I kind of read Pawlenty’s endorsement as “safe” especially since he waited until this new CFG poll has come out showing Hoffman in the lead.  Pawenty’s endorsement would have been ground breaking had he made it right after Newt’s endorsement.

Pawlenty has been showing a willingness to align with the Tea Party movement and has been sharply critical of the Obama administration.  However, I still find the man a complete bore and I think his willingness to align with the Tea Party movement has more to do with covering up his not so conservative record.  

Anyway time will tell and his endorsement is a good start.  By the way, has anyone seen Mitt Romney?

Via: Red State


Editor said...

Excellent news.

Writer X said...

Interesting, though I'm still leary of Republicans who only have the courage to speak when it's safe. Palin is the real hero in this story.

John Schmidt said...

Mitt Romney is keeping his head down because he does not have the character to stand up and take a difficult position until the "coast is clear." He proved that when he was governor of Mass and the State Supreme Court started ordering the governor and legislature around when it invented same sex marriage. He did nothing, even though he whined that he did not agree with the court.

Anonymous said...

T Paw has been a yawner, but he's grown on me the past 2-3 months. He opposes the government option in healthcare reform, he opposes cap & tax, and he's becoming a vocal deficit hawk and Obama critic.

I'd guess that for a sitting republican governor as he is to endorse a candidate not running as a republican is probably pretty risky. So he is scoring "maverick" points with me for taking a principled stand against the GOP leadership.


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