Thursday, October 8, 2009

NJ Governor Jon Corzine Uses Fat Joke In Latest Attack Ad

Oh no Corzine didn’t just go there. Oh yes he did.  Jon Corzine has been running negative ads against his opponent Chris Christie from the jump.  It is hard to say if all those attack ads are the reason Corzine has caught up in the polls.  I say this because; Christie is running such a terrible campaign.  He hardly has ad on and his whole campaign seems to be based on “I’m not Corzine”.  
I also think that one of the reasons Corzine went for the fat joke might be because Christie has been a wee bit too obvious in hiding his weight.  What few commercials Christie runs basically features him from the neck up! 

An utterly foolish thing to do given how much Corzine and his policies are stink up the joint. If Christie were to simply state detailed conservative fixes to Corzine’s mess, he would get the votes.  I for one could not care what the hell the man looks like so long as he has a real solution to New Jersey’s number one problem… property taxes. 
By the way, Corzine really should not go messing with the traffic violation angle either.  It was his ordering state troopers to speed on the Garden State Parkway that led to his almost fatal accident in which he was also violating the state’s seatbelt laws.


Just a conservative girl said...

I live in Virginia and the dem candidate is being much better here either. It is getting pretty nasty. But, that usually means they think they are losing. So maybe it is a good sign.

The Griper said...

your last paragraph is where the news story is in regards to this ad.

The Conservative Lady said...

That commercial Corzine put out makes it sound like Chris Cristie could get a job in the Obama admininstration.

The Conservative Lady said...

Sorry, one more comment.

This race has a third party candidate named, Doggett, who can leach votes away from Christie. If this happens, Corzine will win.

Gee, I just looked at my other comment...I should have spell checked that one.

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