Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Nonsense From Newt

On Greta Van Susteren, Newt again dug deeper into his political grave. Again using the phony argument about State’s rights as a reason for support super RINO Dede Scozzafava.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, the 23rd congressional district in New York -- you're getting heat from Glenn Beck and others because you have endorsed the Republican candidate, and many Republicans, like Tim Pawlenty, former governor Sarah Palin -- Governor Pawlenty, former governor Sarah Palin, Steve Forbes, Dick Armey -- they've all endorsed the independent, and you're getting heat.
GINGRICH: Well, I just find it fascinating that my many friends who claim to be against Washington having too much power, they claim to be in favor of the 10th Amendment giving states back their rights, they claim to favor local control and local authority, now they suddenly get local control and local authority in upstate New York, they don't like the outcome.
There were four Republican meetings. In all four meetings, State Representative Dede Scozzafava came in first. In all four meetings, Mr. Hoffman, the independent, came in either last or certainly not in the top three. He doesn't live in the district. Dede Scozzafava...

Newt is being so intellectually dishonest with the 10th Amendment jazz. How is this states rights when these congressmen get to cast votes that affect the entire nation?  If Scozzafava were running for a local position, yeah I would agree with Newt. But she is not. She would be headed to US House of Representatives. There she would and could easily flip liberal and start to caucus with the Democrats.  Sorry but we have been there and done that.

Notice too how Newt uses the “he doesn’t live in the district” line. RS McCain has the lowdown on this: 

I was disgusted just now to see Newt Gingrich's appearance on Greta Van Susteren's Fox News show tonight, when he hit Doug Hoffman with a cheap shot, saying Hoffman "doesn't live in the [23rd] District. (Hey, ask some Georgians if Newt has any room to talk about carpetbagging!)
OK, this is a non-issue, and has been explained several times. Doug Hoffman's hometown, Saranac Lake, is in the 23rd District. Hoffman's current residence is about a 15-minute drive away in Lake Placid, which was also in the 23rd District -- until the (then) GOP-controlled New York legislature gerrymandered the district!  MORE 

Now watch how Newt tries to scare conservative into believing that if we don’t load up on RINOs Obama is a shoe in: 

GINGRICH: On such as abortion, gay marriage, which means that she's about where Rudy Giuliani was when he became mayor. And yet Rudy Giuliani was a great mayor.And so this idea that we're suddenly going to establish litmus tests, and all across the country, we're going to purge the party of anybody who doesn't agree with us 100 percent -- that guarantees Obama's reelection. That guarantees Pelosi is Speaker for life. I mean, I think that is a very destructive model for the Republican Party.

I call bullshit on Newt! We need not load up on RINOs, just the other day Gallup again release a poll showing that 40% of Americans consider themselves conservatives. Gallup even shows that moderates are trending conservative even on social issues. 

Furthermore about Rudy being a RINO. Yeah he is, but unlike Scozzafava Rudy and his RINO ways stayed in NYC were his liberal ways were quite welcome.  He did not carry them to Congress to add them to the other lefties.

I can understand the NRSC and NRCC digging in on Scozzafava and other RINOs.  Both committees have already sunk a ton of money into those losers. But Newt, has not. So why is he pissing off conservatives and destroying his political future by sticking like glue to Scozzafava?

Via: Politco
Via: Gallup


Writer X said...

It's getting so that I can't even stand the sound of Newt's voice. It reeks of desperation.

Bastiat Fan said...

Is it now safe to say that Newt has officially "jumped the shark?"

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