Thursday, January 21, 2010

Barney Frank changes his tune … again

Damn, that did not last long. After Scott Brown’s victory that Barney was all about respecting the voice of the people. Now Barney is like damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead
"I'm easy. I'm strongly inclined to vote for the thing, even though I don't like the health care tax thing," Frank told me. "But you know, I was ready to vote for the bill when I had people on the left yelling at me not to vote for it. So you know I'll vote for any of it... to try and move the process along."
Oh, he is easy all right.  My guess is Barney has decided on retirement and figures he will drop one last turd in America’s lap. The big question is, can Nancy find 217 more Barney’s to accept the Senate version of the bill as-is?  I still think that is going to be a very heavy lift for the House Dems.


victoria said...

You think he's going to retire so that he won't have to own the consequences of his vote(s) during another election? Interesting thought. I kinda hope he does.

Clifton B said...


Yes, I think Barney is going to admit he isn't seeking re-election once healthcare is clearly settled.

Think about it, if Mass could replace Kennedy with a Republican to stop healthcare reform, what chance would Barney's tubby ass have if he votes for it? Plus, any Republican running against Barney automatically has like 9 million YouTube clips of Barney's arrogance and arrogance is ever so out of vogue this year.

Janelle said...

Where did you find the picture of Barney Frank? It would give children nightmares........unlike the parents of some of them who have nightmares about what he says and does.
Think you called this one correctly, Clifton.

cg6380 said...

That mug shot's missing the info usually scribed underneath, something for the people to rectify in 2013. No pun intended... honestly !

Foxmuldar Blog said...

Barney Franks, continues in complete denial of his part in the housing and financial collapse. It was Barney and his liberals in Washington that kept pushing the banks to dole out loans to folks that never should have qualified for anything much less a loan for a home.

Franks days in Washington are numbered. He sees the writing on the wall. Voters got a big mouthful of Hope and Change and they don't like it. The more the politicians like Franks, and Pelosi, Reid and other democrats trashed the tea party folks, the more fired up americans got.

Look at the banking stocks today after Obama bad mouth the banks. Notice he didn't mention Feddie or Fannie. Both got big christmas eve deals from Obama. Us taxpayers now are held responsible for any and all losses that are sure to come from both Freddie and Fannie as more homes are forclosed. The second wave of forcosures are about to hit the fan. The second way of the current depression is also about to take hold. 36,000 more folks added to the unemployment rolls last week. The previous weeks numbers were raised by 11,000. Folks are not finding work, they are still getting fired or left go. Hope and Change was so much BS.

Barney Frank, Banking Queen Video

Bastiat Fan said...

My guess is Barney has decided on retirement and figures he will drop one last turd in America’s lap.

Can't stop laughing. The only problem is that Barney is HIMSELF a turd. With a personality disorder.

JMK said...

Whooops! I'd inadvertently posted this in the wrong comments section;

At this point I really am hoping that Earl Sholley ( can do to Barney Frank, what Scott Brown just did to the Coakley campaign and healthcare.

Although Sholley's is a far tougher uphill slog than Brown's, given that district has sent Barney and his basement brothel up to the Hill since 1981.

WoW! 1980 saw both Reagan and Frank elected to higher office - and guess which one we get stuck with ever since...

Yup, the wrong one.

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