Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Black Conservative on Let’s Talk with Silvio Canto

Yesterday I was on Let’s Talk with Silvio Canto talking about Dingy Harry’s absurd statement. You can follow Silvio’s blog here.  Below is the audio to the show.


Samuel Gonzalez said...

Hey, Cliff I'm a Giants fan too.

Nice job!

The Griper said...

nice interview.

my thoughts on the subject is that Biden, Reid and Clinton exposed the underlying feelings of liberals towards others, in that everyone is a subordinant to them and that others need to be subservient to them because they are dependents.

Clifton B said...


Go Giants!

Clifton B said...

The Griper:

Yes there clearly is a snobby elitist-ness about their comments. So many modern day Democrats are not really looking to help the little people they are looking to rule the little people.

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