Thursday, January 28, 2010

My notes on Obama’s State of the Union address

I actually watched and read the speech this time. You can find full video to the State of the Union address here and a full transcript here.  

I would just like to start with a few observations. Michelle Obama looked very well to night, but I did catch her looking like she was nodding off a few times (see 10:50 mark in video).  Obama looked well too, but he is clearly looking a lot grayer than last year.  

Like the last time Obama address Congress a few months back, I find these gratuitous standing ovations ever so annoying. This isn’t a partisan nitpick; I hated it just as much when it happened under Bush. This whole concept of giving standing ovations, like trained seals ,over the littlest of things seems so intellectually infirmed and childish. Congress should be a more serious place and as such should save standing ovations for when a president makes an absolutely prodigious statement, like we have won a war, we have erased our deficit, we just landed on Mars, etc.  Congress, please knock it off.

Things that stood out to me:
Public Anger: In the opening remarks Obama touches on public unrest, but describes it in terms of the little guy vs. the big guy (banks, Wall Street, etc) but only alludes to government and describes that as a lack of partisanship? This is troubling if he does not understand that a lot of the public’s anger has to do with his policies and the Democratic controlled Congress’ behavior.

Bail Outs: This is where Obama introduces his Bank Fee. He makes no mention that many banks were asked to take TARP who did not need it. Nor does he acknowledge that this fee can and most likely will be passed on to the banks’ consumers. 

Stimulus: The Stimulus was totally misrepresented. Obama referred to 95% of Americans getting a tax cut. It was a tax credit that you will have to pay taxes on next year.

Small Business: Using $30 billion in TARP to give to banks to make loans to small businesses. This sound an awful lot like the Community Reinvestment Act that got us in trouble in the first place. Obama seems to think that banks are willy nilly in their lending and that is why they are only giving loans to certain people.  Again, government stepping in to dictate who to lend to is how we got into trouble in the first place.

Eliminating capital gains tax on small business is a good idea, but why not do it across the board for everyone?

Health Care: All I can say is Holy Crap! Does Obama actually think that he did not do enough explaining on health care? Does he actually think all that vote buying and backdoor wheeling and dealing was merely lobbyists and horse-trading? Talk about a complete disconnect, he didn’t even recognize the anger people feel over the policies and the process.

The Deficit: Total blame Bush action here. No mention of his contributions to skyrocketing the deficit.  He introduces his smoke and mirrors spending freeze and then talks about going through the budget line by line. Where have we heard that BS before? He says the Bipartisan fiscal commission will not be a Washington gimmick but that is exactly what it is.

Publishing earmarks online: I had to have a big chuckle over this.  Wasn’t these entire thousand page bills supposed to have been posted online before being voted on? I do recall Democrats reneging on this and even sneaking in hundreds of pages of amendments just before the vote. I expect this online earmark nonsense to be completely ignored by both parties.

The perpetual campaign: I cannot believe this man can chide Congress for running a perpetual campaign when that is basically all he did throughout last year. I would even go as far as to say this State of the Union address was like a campaign speech.

Overall:  Overall I found this speech galling. Obama seems to still be in lecture mode. He was lecturing Congress and the American people on what should be proper behavior and discourse, yet there he stands completely failing in so many of the those very things.  Unless you were out of the country for all of 2009, I cannot imagine who anyone could not have been stunned how Obama ignored his culpability.

The second thing about the speech I noticed was that much of his higher talk seemed to be geared more to rallying the Democrats. Was he slyly giving them a pep talk to revive ObamaCare? Sure seemed like it to me.

What were your impressions?

Via: C-SPAN 


Kelsey said...

All I can say is...what goes around comes around. What a hypocrite Obama is!!

Janelle said...

But, Clifton, he has a 'gift'. Fruitcake.

Sandy22 said...

It was his "reassuring" mid-way campaign speech!

McJenny said...

"I find these gratuitous standing ovations ever so annoying."

I, too, don't like the pop-ups. For some reason I think Barry likes them as it reminds him of campaign mode and gives him instantaneous feedback to keep him going. I can't imagine him trying to speak to a quiet room.

Diana said...

You hit all the pertinent nails on the head with your analysis--completely agree with you--down to the tone of the speech. Does he really think the American people are so dumb (rhetorical--I know he does).

In regard to his ideas on college--it finally hit me that the reason the left wants to make sure everyone can go to a 50k/year college is that they really have NO respect for people who go to community college and then on to a state school. Snobbery, plain and simple.

I wonder, is Obama so self-deluded that he doesn't hear himself? His classic "projection" (in psychological terms) both amuses and frightens me.

Anonymous said...

My opinion was that the SOTU was an insult to our intelligence to we the citizenry, our constitution and institutions of our government and what they were intended to stand for.

It was one lie after another, the one most glaring was his trying to hang his hat on his claim of banning lobbyists. Aside from his admin full of lobbyists, that blue ribbon panel he is holding as some threat to impose.. does he not realize that it's already known that of the dozen members to sit on it, 8 are executives from the same Goldman Sachs he purports to be defending us from?

Nor did he mention that he's decided not to fund the 9/11 first responders fund, that was intended to help pay for the health care of those who were the first line of defense on that terrible day, and who are now sick and dying after being exposed to asbestos and other chemicals while they fought desperately to save the lives of fellow Americans. Yet, he's happy to spend billions on these show trials of KSM, and others.

His entire administration is composed of people who have exploited power for their own profit. Abusing public trust as well as taxpayer dollars, and the wretched misery left in the wake of these crooks. Poor people in Chicago, left holding the bag in improperly built and maintained housing. Public schools that mire the poorest children in ignorance. After reading Ezekiel Emannuel's 2 essays, advocating his desire to ration and impose death sentences on those he determines to be unworthy of care, I was struck by the fact that I wouldn't have been surprised if they had been written by someone like Josef Mengele. I could go on, about the rest of the arm chair fascists, but it would take hours, and I don't want to waste the bandwidth.. I'm just sick at heart to contemplate what these monsters intend to do to our country, and how I wish we'd see others in government rise up to take a principled stand. We the people need to do so.

In closing, I've been reading your blog now for a month and a half, and have been enjoying your pov.

Mary (don't have a blogger acct, so I had to select anonymous)

Foxmuldar Blog said...

Picture of Obama with Biden and Botox Pelosi sitting behind the Messiah reminds me of the Adams Family. Pelosi look like she's constipated. Could be after getting slapped down by the Brown win.

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