Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let the stealing begin: Woman hands out blank absentee ballots in Lawrence, MA

You just knew there would be vote stealing, cheating and voter fraud in the Massachusetts senate race. Here is what appears to be a woman handing out blank absentee ballots on the street in Lawrence, MA.  Notice that woman refers to her candidate as “she”.

I hope the dude who filmed this had to good sense to call the cops.

Michelle Malkin has the full scoop on who this Isabele Melendez chick is. Apparently she is a community activist, who ran for office once. Is this why she knows how to cheat the system?

If you know anyone in Mass, call him or her and make sure they vote. Tell them to get out everyone they know to vote, because if this race is close, it will be stolen.


Donald Borsch Jr. said...


I shot this over to Conservative Firestorm. Hope you don't mind.

Love what you're doing here, seriously. I'm a fan!

Long Live the Republic!

OldSouth said...

Thanks for posting this. Just tossed it onto my Facebook page.

Chicago politics lives!

trinity said...

Typical behavior by a party who has no ethics. I knew this would happen. I passed this on to some friends.

McJenny said...

I watched this on You Tube earlier and read some of the comments. Someone said that they had called the FBI to report it and that he/she was told they had already gotten a lot of calls about it. All over the blogs last night people were urging everyone to take cameras and camcorders for documentation. Looks like we're finally waking up to the fact that libs don't play fair.

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