Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Too many Reids spoil the broth

The people of Nevada appear to be over run with Reids.  There is Dingy Harry himself slated to run for re-lection (good luck with that one Dingy) and his son Rory Reid who is trying to run for Governor. Both campaigns complain that the other Reid is hurting their campaign.

Quite frankly, I am sick of the whole dynasty thing, Clintons, Bushes, Kennedys and now Reids. This whole “politics as a family business” thing  has gotten way out of hand.  It is one of the reasons why America lacks new thinking in Washington.

I think in the end, once the drama of ObamaCare is finally played out, Harry will end his bid for re-election so that his son has a chance. Harry’s numbers are hopeless and his recent racist remarks don’t help one bit.

The big question is has Dingy Harry’s vote hustling and racist remarks already doomed his son Rory’s chances?  Will the people of Nevada be willing to take a chance on electing another Reid?


Spinsterpov said...

Thomas Jefferson once said that the inherited seat in the house of lords opperated on the false premise that wisdom was hereditary. The dynasty atmosphere assumes the same thing. Honestly I feel stupidity and greed is far more likely to be inherited than wisdom.

Anonymous said...

These moonbats are reproducing just like predicted in the movie "Idiocracy".

You are right on Spinsterpov.

Joe's New York said...

Reid should go, he's an idiot, bound and determined to destroy this country. But he shouldn't go because of something that he said, political correctness is just stupid. I'd much rather have politicians that spoke plainly and didn't mince words like Obammy does.

And by the way, I've never met a single person in this world who isn't biased against some group of people. You can call it being racist or what ever label that is PC at the moment, but it is a cold hard fact. People can dance around the subject and try to prove that they're not, but it always comes bubbling to the surface. So why try to hide what is naturally there?
I predict the furor will die down in a couple of days, with Reid keeping his job, but with his reputation–and that of his party–further tarnished. Not so much because of these remarks, but because of his party’s manner in handling them.

Janelle said...

Dynasty was a terrible sitcom.

Renie said...

As a Nevada resident, you can be sure that I will be on the forefront of getting Harry kicked out of office this year. No worries - there are very few people who support him.

If I'm allowed to do so here, I just wrote about his faux pas on my blog, vegasbarandgrill.com, and how it affects Americans overall.

Jess said...

Reid has been firmly attached to the mother sow of government since 1966. His power and wealth were achieved by abusing the hard earned taxes of those he so readily dismisses as lesser citizens. The fact that he's bred more tax parasites is nauseating.

Supergranny said...

Just as Scott Brown said last night, the Massachusetts Senate seat is not 'the Kennedy' seat but the peoples seat!

Reids son? Remember the apple never falls far from the tree.

Clifton B said...


You are so right at the stupidity and greed. Political dynasties are kind of like inbreeding, it weakens the stock.

Clifton B said...


LOL, I forgot about that movie! You are correct!

Clifton B said...

Joe's New York:

Welcome to ABC. You have a very interesting take on the situation, but I would like to offer another.

You are no doubt familiar with the term, he who lives by the sword, must die by the sword? Well as a liberal, Reid help to create the PC and hyper sensitive climate we live in today. As such, Reid should be forced to resign by the very social rules his ilk ushered in.

Clifton B said...


Confession time. The show Dynasty was a guilty pleasure for me back in day! Bad Cliff, Bad Cliff [hanging head in shame].

Clifton B said...


Welcome to ABC! A sister working against Dingy Harry in Nevada is music to my ears!

You make a good point at your blog, I recommend it to all my readers. By the way, I added your blog to my More Black Conservatives blog roll. Please do try to blog more often, you have a great perspective.

Clifton B said...


The fact that he's bred more tax parasites is nauseating.

LOL! That is the line of the day!

Clifton B said...


Rory would have to fall somewhere on the other side of the planet to avoid the taint of his dad.

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