Friday, January 15, 2010

My notes from the Glenn Beck show A Time To Be Heard Part 2: Content and Character

As you may know by now, I was once again on the Glenn Beck Show. Once again I was joined by my fellow black conservative blogger Adrienne Ross from Motivation: Truth blog. My good friend Maria from My Voice on the Wings of Change could not make it this time due to fact that we were all given much shorter notice (only 8 days this time as opposed to 1 month last time).

I met Adrienne Ross at Penn Station like last time.  We shared some good conversation on the ride to Fox Studios. We chatted about Palin’s new gig and her interview with Beck. We had some good chat about the meaning behind Dingy Harry’s crazy comment and Dr. King’s teachings. It is so refreshing to discuss politics with another black conservative. Now matter what went on at the Beck show, the moments chatting with Adrienne was were the best.

Upon arrival at Fox Studios I immediately noticed there were less of us. I would say there was half the crowd we had the last time. In addition to the missing Maria, Robin from Conservative Black Woman was also missing. Too bad, the gal is a hoot and a half.

As we hung out before going into the studio, I mingled with the other black conservatives and found that this time we were a much ideological tighter group (few if any CINOs [Conservatives In Name Only] as far as I could tell). I do not know if that was due to better screening by the Beck people or just the luck of the draw. Either way, it worked for me.

As we waited to go into the studio, the Beck staff was conducting mini interviews with each of us. A segment of Adrienne Ross’ mini interview is shown at the start of Video 3 of 7. My mini interview is never show, sorry folks. I am glad for that, because on second thought my answers were lame.

Shortly after entering the studio, Beck arrived. Just like the last time, we got a Beck who was not 100% himself. Last time Beck just come back from having his appendix taken out and this time he was sporting a very bad cold. He was clearly livelier than last time, but without the aid of the microphone you could hardly hear him.

As we waited for the show to begin, Adrienne and I began chatting to the people around us. I started a conversation with the guy to my right. He [sorry I forgot his name] is a black libertarian from Brooklyn. I told him how I feel myself becoming more libertarian as I struggle to find real conservative voices in the GOP. During our conversation I mention Left Coast Rebel’s blog. Upon hearing the name Left Coast Rebel the woman in the row below informs me that she is a regular reader of Left Coast Rebel. The woman is none other than Marcel Reid of the ACORN 8! 

Before the show started, Beck explain what topics would be discussed. I was grateful for this. The last time Beck merely turned the whole show over to the audience and the show became too freewheeling. The topics the audience favored then was too mundane for my taste (health care, cap and trade, etc). I blog about that crap everyday, I did not want to waste a special opportunity focusing in on that stuff. This time the topics were tight and related specifically to the black community. That worked for me.

You can view the entire show in the post below. You can hear my one response in video 2 or 7 at the 5:25 mark.

As the show came to a close [man, those 45 minutes go quick] Charles Payne [end of video 6 of 7] touches on things that were taken away from the black community. Payne mentions that liberal thinking has taken away the family the village being taken way from the black community.  At this point Adrienne Ross and Lisa Frisch [who is now seated in the row in front of us] both determined that the real thing that was taken away from the black community was true belief in religion. I could not believe more.

Religion was the turbo charger that saw our ancestors through the impossible times of slavery, segregation and the civil rights struggle. Religion gave our ancestors the boost they needed to have faith in themselves. There was no belief in big government solutions, the Democratic Party or the Republican Party to help those blacks over come their oppressive adversity. Our ancestors had to have God giving them strength in themselves to carry on.  Where is that today?

When I watch young blacks savage themselves over utter bullshit, like they did in the case of Darion Albert, I think of my strong faith in God and know I would be completely incapable of debasing myself or savaging my brothers and sisters over such trivial nonsense. Trur faith and true belief in ourselves is what was taken away by the white liberal agenda.

If the Beck people are reading this blog, this is a topic I hope we can explore the next time. Adrienne, Lisa and myself believe that it is vital in struggle to free blacks from the failed polices of liberalism.


Dean said...

Have you ever thought about taking the Black Conservative Town Hall on the road? After the first Beck show, I thought it would be a great way to help educate people. It seems to me, that most people who vote Democrat do so out of habit and don't understand that it works against them. The group I am a part of, NC Freedom, has put on a couple of Constitutional Town Hall meetings in an attempt to educate the community on the issues. I think the same could be done for the black community. Have a forum with a few speakers to go over issues and allow for question and answer sessions.

If you could wrangle up a few black conservatives in different states and coordinate with local Tea Party groups to sponsor the events, it could be a great way to get the conservative message out to the black community.

Left Coast Rebel said...

I can't believe that Marcel Reid is a reader of the Left Coast Rebel - that is simply too cool! Our voices reach a wider audience than we probably even know Cliff.

trinity said...

I saw the first show that Beck did with black conservatives, and I saw the one yesterday. Both shows were just wonderful and so educational for me. They are my favorite shows that Beck has done, and I hope he does more of them. I do agree that yesterday's show was better and focused on issues that specifically concern the black community.

I agree with Dean that taking this show on the road would be a great idea. Your message needs to be heard. The people that would never watch Beck, might come to a townhall meeting.

Brenda said...

Great show, Clifton. I enjoyed seeing you "live" and hearing your voice. I read your blog every day and really enjoy it and look forward to hearing what you have to say. I liked this Beck show better than the first, it seemed more controlled. I agree with Dean (above) that you should take this on the road. I would buy a ticket to come listen to you and your fellow conservatives. Also, have you ever run for public office?

Anonymous said...

Marcel Reid is a radical and an Obama supporter. Spend some time on the ACORN 8 website and you will realize that you are being played by a liberal. Do not be fooled. As ACORN splinters off into smaller groups, the ACORN 8 was smart enough to use Conservatives to push their leftist agenda. Beck was wrong about the birthers and he is wrong about Marcel Reid. Wake up, people.

Dean said...

We did the townhalls for free and I'm not sure there would be big crowds willing pay. We did however pass a bucket to get donations to cover the cost of the space that was rented. One of the issues with a grassroots movement, not a ton of cash lying around to pay people to speak.

If I could get a handful or so enthusiastic black conservatives to step up and help out, I would gladly help coordinate the efforts here in Raleigh, NC. If it went well here, then we could try to duplicate it in other places. We have a black conservative ( running for Congress, but his campaign is too understaffed to do this event and I have too much on my plate to do this alone.

Clifton B said...


That is a great idea, unfortunately it would be very hard for me to participate. My schedule is wacky as hell. Planning trips in advance is near impossible.

However, it would be great to get a group of outspoken black conservatives together in each state to start spreading the message and calling out those phonies on the left.

Clifton B said...

Left Coast Rebel:

I was very surprised that she instantly knew who you were. It just goes to show how far reaching a blog can be. Plus you are headed for fame anyway. Just don't forget us little guys on you way up!

Clifton B said...


I liked this show better too. I do wish Maria and Robin were able to attend as well. I am certain Beck will do a third. He told us how popular the first one was.

Clifton B said...


I am happy to have you as a regular reader Brenda. Perhaps you guys should suggest to Beck to do the show in another town. Most of the conservatives on the show are from the NY tri-state area. I know wonderful black conservatives all across the country who would love to do that show.

Clifton B said...


Marcel Reid makes no secret that she is still a leftist and that she still believes in the principles of ACORN as officially stated. What conservatives identify with is that she stood up to the corrupt aspects of ACORN. We can all admire her bravery without supporting ACORN.

Re: birthers
At some point you have to ask yourself how on earth is it possible to keep a secret like that without anyone dropping dime? Biden alone would be the biggest threat to exposing that secret.

Clifton B said...


Thanks for the heads up on Randall. I will try to get a post up ASAP.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

It kills me to see how some of my minority (Latino and Black) students dress and act. They complain when I call them on their sagging pants and whine when I make them actually think for themselves. Thank God I also see the ones who are going to make something of themselves, and I'm not just talking about my honors students either. All hope is not lost but sometimes I really wonder.

namaste said...

i saw you speak and you did great, cliff. of course i was disappointed that they didn't continue in the vein of your remarks. i didn't get to see adrienne speak, but i'm glad that she also got to express her thoughts on the show. hands down, i thought you two had the BEST remarks. way to represent!

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