Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Martha Coakley: Another example of a Scozzafava-like meltdown

How is this for a bit of irony?  The very same Weekly Standard reporter, who Dede Scozzafava called the police on for asking questions, gets shoved to the ground by one of Martha Coakley’s goons for asking questions.

John McCormack from the Weekly Standard was once again doing what good reporters are suppose to do, ask real questions. This time he was trying to get Coakley to respond to her terrible answer on Afghanistan. McCormack has identified the guy who pushed him as Michael Meehan from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Ed Morrissey from Hot Air has more info on this guy.

This tactic employed by Meehan, reeks of the same desperation the Scozzafava campaign had when it was spinning out of control because of the Hoffman surge. Scott Brown’s surge seems to be having the same effect as the Democrats rush in all kinds of outside help to the Coakley campaign. You can almost smell the panic.

Via: Hot Air 


Supergranny said...

Shocking misconduct! Thanks for the info.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Linked at LCR!

trinity said...

This is going to help Brown immensely, I think.

Bob Belvedere said...

Quoted from and Linked to at:
Who'd A Thunk It?...[Update at 1759: Scott Brown NUDE]

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