Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fox News REALLY is the most trusted name in news

Public Policy Polling has released results showing more people trust Fox News than any other. Fox News comes out on top with 49% of the people saying they trust Fox vs. 37% saying they don’t.  CNN comes in a distant second with 39% saying they trust it, but check this out 41% say they don’t!  The remaining order is NBC, CBS and then ABC. Those three stations too have more people NOT trusting then trusting them.

Perhaps the Obama administration would do better, playing nice to Fox News rather than trying to marginalize them. Especially given that Fox was the most watched station during primetime in all of cable last week. That is right, I said; ALL of cable.

Via: Mediaite


victoria said...

Whenever I'm feeling down about what's happening in the world, I check the cable news viewership at Fox usually has about 50% of the cable news viewership at any given time. With what's going on in Oregon yesterday and today, I'm glad for this post!

Thanks. :)

Clifton B said...


Fox kicks the other cable news station every week. It is starting to become terribly lopsided too.

I had no idea you had so many lefties out there. What is up with all that taxing nonsense?

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