Monday, January 25, 2010

Iranian official calls Obama the N-Word!

Are you freakin’ kidding me?

Iranian official Mohammad Javad Larijani dropped the n-word while attacking Barack Obama at a meeting with engineers.
PBS reported:

Mohammad Javad Larijani criticized the policies adopted by U.S. President Barack Obama and referred to him using a racial epithet.
“When Barack Obama was sworn into office he talked of verbally engaging Iran,” the U.C. Berkeley graduate was quoted as saying. “What has changed is that today this [the equivalent of the N-word in Farsi] talks of regime change in Iran.”
In a Saturday meeting at the Islamic Engineers Society, Larijani said, “I am not a racist, but I must respond to this man [Obama] in some way.”
Larijani’s brother, Ali, is the speaker of Majles (Parliament). Another brother, Sadegh, is head of the judiciary.
Um, sure you are not a racist [sarcasm off]. We are going to skip all the politics and stuff here. Since Barack Obama is President of the United States, he is not at liberty to respond to Mr. Javad Larijani in the manner he deserves. As such Another Black Conservative is only too happy to respond on Obama’s behalf.

Hey, Larijani! Your mother is a n*gger, you dusty old sand monkey!


Left Coast Rebel said...


Janelle said...

That's the 'best insult' Larijani could dredge up with an engineering degree.......he should immediately trade clothes with his wife or wives.

arlenearmy said...

Being truthful to ourselves, Obama did not do the image of blacks any favors. And his improper handling of the Reid matter sent the wrong message to the WORLD. And this is the sort of ilk we'll be hearing for a while.

What this man said was unacceptable. But so was what Harry Reid said when he called Obama "light skinned" & "no negro dialect". This was reported in foreign news papers & on World Wide Web. Even British papers reported it. And what did Obama do? He defended Reid & in effect he said that Reid was just trying to honor or glorify him w/a compliment. And Obama acted like he got mad when other blacks got offended. And to make matters worst, NAACP, Black Caucus, Sharpton & other notable blacks defended Reid & told the world what a fine man Reid was. Donna Brazille (a Democrat delegate) even had a rally for Reid & she said "Im a Democrat for Harry Reid". Personally, I was offended by it.

Now, I ask each & all this question. When a non-black (non English speaking) foreigner hears (via translator) all this racial innuendos being said about Obama by a HIGH ranking official (Harry Reid) & such is being considered as a compliment by Obama; & defended by blacks (CONGRESSIONAL Black Caucus)... then what is the non-black foreigner to think ? Mohammad Javad Larijani probably thought it was kool to say it.

Clifton B said...


Thanks, sometimes you just have to put that left and right stuff away.

Clifton B said...

Arlene Army:

There is some truth in foreigners not completely understanding the racial thing. I have seen some of the most racist stuff come from places outside of America.

At any rate, we should not tolerate such blatant racism from one of America foes. If we do, we are no better than the clowns at the CBC who give out passes to white liberals for their racist remarks.

Janelle said...

Exactly, Clifton, he is a racist and completely stupid not to use any of the glaringly obvious blunders by this President. That's the most unimaginative, laziest insult I've ever heard. Larijani must have purchased his degree form U.C. Berkley, because he certainly didn't learn to think while he was there.

Angie Lee said...

Spot on, Clifton: Sometimes you just have to put that left and right stuff away.

O may be a fool, but he's still our President; this show of disrespect pulls aside the curtain for a look-see into what they think of ALL Americans. This is offensive to every one of us, regardless of skin color. If they think this poorly of the POTUS, what level of contempt do they hold for the rest of the "ignorant masses"?

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