Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Populist Obama is every bit as trifling as the old Obama

I had the misfortune of watching the New Populist Obama on TV today as he did his town hall meeting in Ohio.  Other than a missing tie, I could not tell the difference from this Obama from the one who lied his butt off over the past year.

I cannot imagine what that town hall meeting would have been like if it wasn’t stacked with Kool Aid drinkers. Some of the things Populist Obama said were downright laughable when you consider his actions over the past year. 
"Let me tell you, so long as I have the privilege of serving as your president, I'll never stop fighting for you,"  
If I were in the audience I would have shouted out “more like never stop fighting with us”!  Remember this is the same man who was more than willing to turn a deaf ear to the public’s push back as he tried to ram healthcare reform down our throats.  Yet here he is shamelessly trying to play our hero.

Populist Obama went on like he was always on our side for the speech. He spoke as though it was January 2009 and we have spent the last year watching this man dismiss the concerns of the American people and completely renege on his campaign promises. It was a pure Twilight Zone moment.  Even the Q and A was pathetic. Jim Geraghty over at the Campaign Spot notes the unhelpful questions asked by the audience. I found the questioners reminiscent of people from Third World Countries who ask Dear Leader for help with their problems.

If Obama thinks that his new populist personae is going to win over the public with more empty word and broken promises, then he has another thing coming to him. The anger out in America is not merely a populist movement aimed at “greedy Wall Street” or “greed corporations” the anger in America is directed at a completely out of touch, phony, self serving and ever growing government. Right now, Populist Obama is still fitting that bill.


Just sayin' said...

What I thought he meant:

"as your president, I'll never stop fighting for you[r wallet]"

Anonymous said...

Obama is a liar. No spots changing here.

Just a conservative girl said...

You didn't like the shameless pitch for the invention?

I was cleaning and had the news on and caught this. I was laughing because as you said, he just doesn't get it. His life has not been about being the little guy for quite a while.

His kids have never stepped foot in public school, he has a million dollar home, his buddies like Valerie Jarrett has slum lord issues, and on it goes.

The statement last week about anyone can get a truck....there are a whole lot of people, even when economic times are good, who can't afford a truck.

Beyond-The-Spectrum said...

I'm just any of you think that anyone to the political left of Pat Buchanan or Barry Goldwater can do no right? No, I'm not taking sides, its just that partisan thinking is why pragmatic policy based on reality (and not ideology)is rarely enacted.

Chris W said...

The Chosen One is hoping we don't notice that he is just another progressive hack.

The Griper said...

"No, I'm not taking sides,..."

yes, you are taking sides. when you make a more specific comparison, one where ideology can be known, maybe you will get the answer to your question.

ideology is the basis of the solution to the problems of reality.

JMK said...

"partisan thinking is why pragmatic policy based on reality (and not ideology)is rarely enacted. (BTPS)

That's really not been the case.

We had 1 decade and a half of Keynesian (Big Government, high taxing and spending) from 1964 thru 1980 and it delivered rising unemployment, ever higher interest and skyrocketing inflation, culminating with the REAL "worst U.S. economy since the Great Depression" in 1980, when America saw a 22% Prime Lending rate along with the highest Misery Index post-WW II - 22 points.

They called that STAGFLATION - double digit interest, inflation and unemployment rates.

Reagan's Supply Side policies lowered the Misery Index every year until it reached SINGLE DIGITS in 1986 and it remained in the single digits throughout the rest of his tenure.

Bush Sr. returned to Carter/Nixonian Keynesianism and became only the second post-WWII U.S. President to preside over an entire tenure of double digit Misery Indexes, although his four year average (10.2) was paltry compared to Carter's 16.8.

Bill Clinto started down the same keynesian path until abruptly stopped by the Gingrich Revolution.

Clinton signed onto 7 of the 10 planks of the Contract With America and gave into federal cuts after the Gingrich Congress shut down government in 1995....those federal cuts, along with slashing the Capital Gains rate FROM 30% to 20% are what delivered the high-flying 1990s economies AND all those Budget SURPLUSES.

G W Bush did two positive things, (1) finally and belatedly addressed the WoT as a Military war, rather than maintaining the failed "criminal justice approach" that James Fox of the FBI acknowledges was a failure in the wake of the 1993 WTC bombing and (2) CUT the income and Capital Gains tax RATES across the board, which INCREASED tax revenues tremendously.

But overall, the primary thing that the Bush Jr administration proved was that even tax cuts can't mask the corrosive effects of increased federal spending and an expanding federal government, along with an expanded non-productive public sector.

There is no "battle of ideologies," at least not economically.

At this point, Milton Friedman, Jude Wanniski, Art Laffer and Gary Becker (the "Supply Siders")have been shown to be right and the likes of Paul Krugman (the "Keynesians") have been proven wrong.

Janelle said...

Would that you had been there, Clifton....that comment would have stopped the teleprompter cold.

Roadhouse said...

As soon as Obama or the left in general does something right, I'm sure you'll see it mentioned. If for no other reason than the sheer rareity of it.

Is it our fault that leftist ideology and modern liberalism has no redeeming value or paralells with common sense?

We call em' like we see em'.

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