Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama’s so-called spending freeze

At his first State of the Union address, Obama is going to propose a so-called spending freeze. The spending freeze is supposed to be a three-year freeze on domestic spending, with only inflationary increases after that. The freeze would not apply to defense spending, entitlements or foreign aid.

This move is designed to appeal to the independent voter who has loss support for Obama and who does not pay much attention to the details. The details are key to understanding why this so-called freeze is utter BS.

First, the amount of the Federal budget that this freeze actually applies to is about 1/8th the entire budget. Worse yet, entitlements which is what is really breaking our budget remains untouched. Second, Obama is applying the freeze to the 2011 budget. Currently the portion that the freeze applies to is already 27% higher that 2008! So the idea that spending will not keep up with inflation during the 3 years is nonsense, it is already factored in there.

Projected savings from the freeze will about to about $15 billion a year. Meanwhile we will be running budget deficits of $1.5 trillion a year. So we are not even talking about in 1% savings or reductions. Thus this freeze is purely political and irresponsible.  

Despite the smoke and mirrors behind the freeze, the left seems to be apocalyptic.  They are treating this bogus freeze like they were spending cuts. I cannot imagine with our $1.5 trillion a year deficit spending why they are crying over cuts, both real or imagine. How irresponsible  is it not to realize that we are on an unsustainable path?   

During the 2008 elections, Obama repeatedly ridiculed John McCain for proposing a spending freeze.

This video is probably one of the best tools for opening the eyes of the uninformed so that they don’t fall for Obama’s political gimmick.

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Angie Lee said...

So, he wants to increase early childhood spending, huh? You don't even wanna get me started on THAT bull$hit, after what the EC program pulled on us this week.

They basically screwed my Deaf son on his preschool classes, claiming we "double dip" (funding) with him in the Deaf class part of the day and the rest in hearing preschool class, because special ed students already get something something something blah blah blah and not entitled to both or some such crap.


How will the state forcing him out of the hearing class and into a strictly Deaf culture (which I was TRYING to avoid) prepare him for a future in a world he will need to operate in that already willfully and deliberately excludes him?

Apparently, although my forcibly taken tax dollars pay for his education (and socialization, to be frankly honest), the burden falls upon me to ALSO provide that outcome on my own because they refuse to do it - DESPITE MY HAVING ALREADY PAID THEM TO DO THE JOB?

This is the future of EC programs (with the fed.govt. sticking its nose where it has no business). Sacrifice the education of kids who NEED it so "all" kids get it, whether they need it or not... In other words, spread it out so thin that it's ineffective for EVERYONE.

He needs to get his nose out of it and leave it to the states, who should be managing things like education on their own. CA was complaining they send more tax dollars to the fed.govt. than they get back (I guess they think the rest of us should pay their share of national defense, or something) but if the fed.govt. would quit gouging ALL the states for stupid shit they shouldn't be involved in to begin with, the tax dollars would stay home instead of being sent to Washington then sent back to the states. Seriously, how asinine is that, to take the money then turn around and give it back? Why not just leave it alone to begin with? I guess that would mean having to fire a few bureaucrats...

Clifton B said...

Angie Lee:

Sorry to hear that you got ensnared in Red Tape. But your story is yet another example of government usurping control from parents. Here it is you have decided that it is best for your child to be integrated into mainstream life at an early age, yet here comes big government to tell you otherwise.

If they did not gorge themselves on our tax dollars, you would have the money to handle the job yourself and get the results you are looking for.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the details. As usual, Obama assumes no one will do any research to find out exactly what he means, as opposed to what he says.

SB Smith

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