Thursday, January 7, 2010

White House refuses to answer questions about Obama’s C-Span lies

Click here to watch this video of the media trying to get White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs to answer questions about Obama’s lies on C-Span coverage. Gibbs, flat out refuses to go there and tries to dodge the media’s questions by referring them to yesterday’s non answer.

The thing is the media created this situation themselves. Remember back at the beginning of the so-called "health care debate". Obama was out there saying the billing would contain A, B and C, meanwhile Harry Reid and Nancy Peolosi were cooking up bills containing X, Y and Z. No one in the mainstream media ever said boo. Instead, some of them even turned into the State Run Media to push Obama’s song and dance. Well, now that everyone has seen how shitty the bill is and have learned about all the nasty back door dealings, the public is crying out for the transparency the Obama promised over and over and over again.

Too late for the media, they shed their credibility and their integrity and jumped in bed with Obama. They worked to get him elected and to push his agenda. Now that everything is going south, they want to act like they are all about the Fourth Estate again.  Sorry, but it is time for the MSM to reap what they have sown. America is getting a crappy health care bill and the media is every bit to blame as the sleazy politicians who wrote it.

Via: The Washington Examiner
Via: Real Clear Politics


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Thank you!

Will link to here, of course!

Writer X said...

Agreed. It's way too late for the media to get indignant. They should have gotten mad a long time ago. But it sure is fun watching Gibbs squirm.

Just a conservative girl said...

This reminds me of Scott McClennan. I have a hard time deciding which is worse between the two.

Anonymous said...

The sad part about this whole debacle is that even with all this so-called "exposure" of lies and corruption, the idiots who voted for this joke of an administration will STILL defend it. Disturbing.

Let's not even mention the media talking out of both sides of its neck! Good grief. *rolls eyes*

Janelle said...

Unfortunately, they don't write the legislation. They hire it out to lobbyists, attorneys and special interest groups and don't read the finished products. If they were forced to write it..... it would be way shorter. Authorship and sponsorship are two entirely different species. The first requires ownership and responsibility, the second is vague knowledge of a concept.

Anonymous said...

For years politician have lie to the citizens on a array of things we must change the political laws to hold the politician responsible for their promise’s by all mean necessary, either by fines, penalties, or prison.
Can we hold them “will anybody them” and how?

jodetoad said...

This admin is exposed, even if they do the C-span thing, it would obviously be under duress.

Hanging out there to dry, for all to see.

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