Friday, January 8, 2010

A brief word on Obama’s “buck stops here” speech

Am I the only person who finds it ironic that Obama can stand before the American people and pledge accountability just days after he was proven such a liar about his C-Span promise?  I can almost see the YouTube video of Obama saying how the buck stops here being played over the images of the next terror attack.

As I read the speech (here) I could not help but notice that as Obama takes responsibility, he goes on to tell how the intelligence community failed, but not a word about his own faults. Where was the mention that his initial speech to the Panty Bomber was a woefully inadequate response and full of errors?

Obama details the “systemic failure” [a phrase I am sick to death of hearing] but did the light bulb come on, that tells him these failures are the result to too much bureaucracy? Does Obama realize that big government agencies with layers upon layers of protocols and procedures might actually be the reason why connecting the dots is so difficult?

Obama mentioned us not getting into a siege mentality.  I found this very contradicting to the “defensive measures” he received as recommended fixes. They best and really only acceptable way to fight terror is to be proactive. That means hunting for possible terrorist at the airport, rather than screening everyone. It means looking for the people who will do harm not just looking for the last deadly device used. Of course, no Obama solution would be complete without the spending of money and his extra billion on more screening equipment fills that bill.

Finally, Obama talks of all these failures but still, no heads roll. Even when that clown Napolitano just yesterday admitted being surprised by Al Qaeda’s determination and ability to use individuals to form attacks. For Christ’s sake, where the hell has she been since 2001?  Such a level of incompetence should never be anywhere near a job like Homeland Security. She should not just be fired immediately, she should be kick out the front door with her very own clown shoes! Outrageous!



Timeshare Jake said...

Your Obama in front of Lincoln is great irony. If Obama wasn't wrong in his opinion then he's not to blame in his opinion. When Obama says Truman's the buck stops here, I think he means has a different meaning to it than past presidents. The buck is going to die, as in the American green back. Does anything Obama does have the feeling that he is truly trying to save the Republic?

Ron B said...

As I said in my post the other day. Blame no one!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Bungalow Bill,

You ask; "Does anything Obama does have the feeling that he is truly trying to save the Republic"?

I do not see anything at all in that order but rather the complete opposite.

Spinsterpov said...

Obama would never admit that bereacrasy was the problem since to him it is always the answer.

As a process improvement person I am just itching to get my hands on a map of the intelligence process. Or to create one. Give me a team of intelligence team members and 6 weeks and I'll fix that problem and save the tax payor millions to boot!

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Didn't you love the "shocking" conclusions they drew? They need to use the intelligence they have. They need to stop these terrorists before they get on the plane. They need not to sit on information that would save people. A fifth grader could figure that out. They're woefully inadequate and complete disgraces.

Chris Denning said...

Blaming no one but the system means blaming Bush and all his appointees that may still be there. It takes the "buck" away from Obama.

trinity said...

I watched Obama's speech, and it was just a bunch of words read from a teleprompter. I didn't believe that he really meant any of it.

The only emotion I perceived was anger from him. The anger wasn't because of the mistakes that were made that let this man get on a plane and nearly blow it to bits along with all its passengers, but because he had to say..."I take responsibility." Obama doesn't think he makes mistakes. He may have uttered the words, but he doesn't believe them, and neither do I.

The TSA needs to start profiling. The FBI has been doing it for many years. As soon as they have a series of related crimes, the behavioral specialists start working-up a profile of what kind of person would likely commit the crime. I don't think of terrorism as a crime...I think of it as an act of aggression against our country, but it would be very easy to work-up a profile of the type of person who would do this. Hell, any of us could do it, now. The only people I see doing this are Muslim males, especially young ones.

Quite Rightly said...


You are not the only one. Like you, I am having trouble imagining how anyone could believe that Obama has seen the light, but many do.

Obama's "conversion" to a recognition that we are at "war" is, IMHO, an attempt to hold onto the votes of Democrats who buy airline tickets. He's going to need them.

Bungalow Bill--

Good observation! If Obama succeeds in killing the dollar (and it's hard to imagine any other scenario), the buck truly will have stopped with him.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Obama is doing what he always does- talk and blame. He doesn't want to admit he knows nothing about leadership, that he mishandled everything from the word go, that he lacks the spine to stare down Muslim extremists or fire people like Napolitano (who, if not saying inflammatory things, are saying stupid things). He certainly doesn't want to go down as idiot president, ergo, toss someone under the bus. He wants everyone to love him. Has narcissism ever been an effective leadership tool?

Supergranny said...

Siege mentality? Ever seen a blonde blue-eyed terrorist? Truly there needs to be profiling...if the person is cleared...they will feel safer along with the rest of us. What IS the problem?

Just Me said...

I can't watch him speak anymore; it upsets my stomach.

I also have a sneaky suspicion that this administration isn't fighting a "war on terror"; it's fighting a "war on freedom".

Anonymous said...

For 20 minutes, the Liar-in-Chief read the same words he spewed on the previous occasion he bored the country with his blather. This man poses a grave danger.

Please, if you can stand to be disgusted, read this:

Understanding the Democrats' Scheme

By John F. Gaski

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