Thursday, January 14, 2010

Glenn Beck interviews Sarah Palin

When the two most hated people on the right finally meet face to face, you just know someone on the left has to rush out and try to make things controversial. Politico has its review up claiming that Palin and Beck “rail” against the system.  Maybe it is I, but in all my 45 years, “railing” never seemed so placid.  As you read through the Politico piece you find they don’t even provide a “railing” moment. Anyway, this is pretty much what we have come to expect from Politico when covering Palin.

I found Beck and Palin’s interactions much better than O’Reilly and Palin. Palin seemed much more relaxed and forthcoming around Beck. Despite what many on the left believe, they are not ideologically identical. Beck and Palin parted ways on both John McCain being worst for the country than Obama and Palin supporting a third party.

It was Palin’s talk of the third party that got my attention. She admits to feeling like abandoning it at times, but sees no need in starting a new party so long as the GOP gets back to its conservative roots. I often get the impression that Palin intends to use her considerable influence to bend the GOP toward her brand of conservatism. Given her huge popularity with the base, versus the growing unpopularity of folks like Gingrich, Steele, Graham, Snowe, McCain etc, I would have to say she stands a good chance of being successful.

For the full Palin/ Beck interview see Left Coast Rebel’s blog.

Via: Politico


Meadow said...

Excellent post :)

Sarah really did seem very relaxed and comfortable. I had to giggle at their offer to NBC to both co-host SNL.

I think that would be a fun hour!

Clifton B said...


Yeah, you could tell she was much more comfortable with Beck than O'Reilly. Although after watching Palin with Hannity, I think she is most comfortable with him.

You just know NBC is blowing up Palin and Beck's phone lines. The two of them will be ratings Gold!

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