Wednesday, January 27, 2010

That TOTUS sure does get a work out

Obama uses a teleprompter to speak to a handful of people?  That TOTUS sure does get a workout. Obama was speaking to his middle class task force.

I cannot help but wonder if these embarrassing POTUS/ TOTUS pictures are surfacing now that Obama is officially unpopular. How many shots like this existed over the last year, that the media never released because they were still drunk on Hope and Change?  When it is finally universally understood that ObamaCare is dead, I am sure old TOTUS will be getting a lot more attention.


Ronald Williams said...

I especially love that he needed a podium and his teleprompter to talk to school kids the other day...what a joke he is becoming

Angie Lee said...

Maybe he's just relying on it more now because he knows he's a poor speaker when he's put on the spot, he knows his "soaring rhetoric" was what got him there in the first place, and he's under the delusion that it will get him back to where he fell from? I've read he has a weakness for needing to feel "liked" by everyone, and now his personal popularity is in jeopardy of going down the same path his political popularity has. He can't afford to make a verbal mis-step, and the only thing that can prevent that is TOTUS.

I've begun having wild fantasies about BHO lately: He's gone rogue and forms the official American TEA Party, embraces conservative values and guts the establishment, leading us to complete and utter awesomeness.

I think too many of my brain cells have rotted or something.

Clifton B said...

Ronald Williams:

I have a feeling that there were many instances of teleprompter abuse, but the media hid it. Now that healthcare has crashed and burn, they are no longer going to be nice.

Clifton B said...

Angie Lee:

Re: Your fantasy. Girl, stop licking those frogs! LOL

Seriously, it would be great if he did do those things. He would actually have a shot at a second term. However, Obama is an ideologue and ideologues don't change over night.

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