Monday, January 11, 2010

Fox News signs Sarah Palin

Talk about a win-win situation. Fox News has signed Sarah Palin as a contributor. There probably isn’t a media outlet in America who would not want to have Sarah Palin on one of their shows and that includes the likes of MSNBC.

Palin will be a major ratings booster for Fox. Even as Fox totally destroys the competition, Palin’s presence is sure to draw even more viewers. Does anyone not think that lefties and Palin Haters won’t tune in to see if she stumbles or to fact check what she says?

For Palin, this is a new platform for her to speak directly to the American people. I have often said, that while Facebook has proven to be winner for her, video is truly Palin’s medium. Lets be honest, the woman is a looker, add to the fact that she know how to work the camera.  While many Palin Haters will immediately think of Palin’s Couric interview, there is tons of footage of Palin shining on camera. Check out this example:


Over at Hot Air, Ed Morrissey sees Palin signing a multi year contract as a sure sign she will not run in 2012, I disagree. All these contracts have escape clauses. If Palin runs in 2012, she could step out of her contract for the campaign and return if unsuccessful. Fox would be fools not to grant Palin such flexibility. Palin has proven herself to be ratings gold and in the event she lost a 2012 bid, Fox would be first in line for any post election interview and certainly would have an in if she wins.

I for one and anxious to see what Palin brings to Fox.  I am interested to see just what this series she is suppose to be hosting is all about.


Supergranny said...

You're right, it is exciting...I am still trying to wrap my brain around the thinking of the Palin Haters....just don't get it...shallow and jealous perhaps?

Janelle said...

A toast to Rupert Murdoch and his capitalist heart for launching Fox in the mid-eighties. Another to you, Clifton, for always managing to move my brain in multiple directions. I haven't had this much fun since I was a teenager and that was many decades ago.
Shoot straight, Sarah! said...

Oh wow. She managed to go off on a diatribe without producing a flub. I suppose this means she's Presidential material after all.

It was also announced today that Palin is speaking at an alcohol industry event in Vegas.

It continually amazes me that folks think this woman wants to run for President. It's very clear that she saw an opportunity to capitolize on her newfound fame. She knows the damsel in distress, perpetual victim angle will continue to endear her followers to her, even though her next original idea will be her first. As long as folks think she'll run in 2012, she can keep selling books, getting TV contracts, and charging exhorbitant fees to go speak for whomever has $50k. She is laughing straight to the bank at you fools.


Wake up, already. I hate seeing folks fawning over a person like this who's clearly just out to pad her pockets. It's almost like the preacher who drives a Bentley, while his congregation eats with food stamps.

Just a conservative girl said...

Do you really think she should run in 12? I don't. I love her, but she can't win. If she gets the nomination, it gives us 4 more years of Obamanation. The worst possible outcome.

Clifton B said...


I will never understand why Palin instill such panic from some people and I will never understand how the very things they complain about in Palin are the exact things they voted for in Obama.

Clifton B said...

Rupert Murdoch has been running rings around all the other news outlets. It is no surprise she added Palin to his camp. I cannot wait to see what O'Reilly's rating are for tonight.

Thanks for the compliment. I am glad ABC is a fun spot for you!

Clifton B said...


Dude, are you serious?

Why is Palin making money solid proof she isn't running? The last time I checked having a personal fortune when running for office comes in pretty handy. Hillary lent her campaign money in 08, so did Mitt Romney and John McCain. All of their campaigns would have ended earlier had they not.

Let us not forget that Governor Corzine and Mike Bloomberg used their personal wealth to help get them into office. Even Obama made about $4 million hawking his two books before he ran.

So why is Palin's making the big bucks a sure sign she isn't running and can only mean she is lining her pockets for personal gain? The Palin's only make about $250k year and a large part of that was her job as Governor. That kind of money is laughable if you are considering a run for national office.

You know, you claim to be an independent, but you sure do buy into a lot of that leftist dogma, especially when it comes to Palin.

Wake up already!

Clifton B said...


Yeah, I think 2012 is her time. The only way Obama will get 4 more years is if he is handed a Republican controlled Congress in 2010 and that Congress forces him to repair the economy and lower the deficit. Without those two things being fixed, the brother is a stone cold one termer.

Palin's is repairing the damage done to her image and stands as the perfect Anti-Obama. Her brand of conservatism is exactly what people are asking for, knock off the crazy spending, lay off the tax hikes and listen to the people.

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