Monday, January 25, 2010

Egomania: Obama thinks the 2010 won’t be 1994 because the Dems have him

This morning I told you that Arkansas Rep. Marion Berry was not seeking re-election. Well it turns out Mr. Berry is sharing a few secrets before he leaves.  In an interview with Arkansas Democratic Gazette, Mr. Berry shared this:
From Politico
Writes ADG reporter Jane Fullerton:

Berry recounted meetings with White House officials, reminiscent of some during the Clinton days, where he and others urged them not to force Blue Dogs “off into that swamp” of supporting bills that would be unpopular with voters back home.
I’ve been doing that with this White House, and they just don’t seem to give it any credibility at all,” Berry said. “They just kept telling us how good it was going to be. The president himself, when that was brought up in one group, said, ‘Well, the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.’ We’re going to see how much difference that makes now.” [snip]

“I began to preach last January that we had already seen this movie and we didn’t want to see it again because we know how it comes out,” said Arkansas’ 1st District congressman, who worked in the Clinton administration before being elected to the House in 1996... "I just began to have flashbacks to 1993 and ’94. No one that was here in ’94, or at the day after the election felt like. It certainly wasn’t a good feeling.”
Oh boy! Obama clearly thinks very highly of himself. I think we now know who the bright light is that keeps sending Obama on these failed
last minute “save the day” missions. Clearly Berry, did not feel comfortable with only having Obama standing between him and an election beat down.  I wonder, how many other Democrats are feeling the same way?

Oh well, should 2010 turn out to be a bigger blood bath for the Democrats than 1994, the Democrats will know exactly who to thank.

Via: Politico


Velcro said...

As amazing as it is to see someone with an ego as big as all outdoors, its just not surprising much anymore. ugh!

Teresa said...

Mighty Mouse is such a narcissist. His glow has been dimming this past year and I see darkness coming upon him in the coming year.

Clifton B said...


We always knew he had a big ego, it is just surprising to see him confirm it.

Clifton B said...


Remember Teresa 3 years in politics is like a million lifetimes. Right now Obama is clearly weaken, but come 2012, your guess would be as good as mine.

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