Friday, January 22, 2010

More proof that ObamaCare is dead, dead, dead

I am starting to feel a little sorry for some of the people on the left. They just cannot accept that ObamaCare has quietly died. All the nasty Op-eds, phone calls, Plan B’s scenarios and union threats will not revive it.

One need only look at the numbers to know why ObamaCare is dead. We have two polls out today that shows how the public feels about ObamaCare and they are not pretty. Gallup shows that 55% of the public wants ObamaCare shelved and other bipartisan alternatives looked at.  With 10 months to elections, there simply isn’t enough time for that. Look how long it took to cook up what they have now and that was with only Democrats working on it.

Then there is Rasmussen’s poll showing 61% of Americans want Congress to drop healthcare and work on jobs and the economy instead. There are tons and tons of polls that show jobs and the economy is what people want, not healthcare.

It would take 218 votes in the House to pass the current bill as is. It would take an additional 50 votes in the Senate to fix, the problems. There simply aren’t that many Democrats willing to go against those king of poll numbers after the Scott Brown victory.  Many Democrats would much rather put the whole ugly process of healthcare reform behind them and start working on something more positive to run on. 

So while, Nancy, Harry and Obama make little noises like they are still working on it, the truth is too many of the Congressional Democrats have moved on.

So go ahead, poke ObamaCare with a stick, see it is dead, dead, dead.

Via: Gallup
Via: Rasmussen


The Griper said...

they don't want to admit it because to do so would be an admission of their failure as leaders. and their overinflated egos won't allow that. and, in a sense, be an admission that everything else they've done was a failure also.

Just a conservative girl said...

I don't know....this is a huge failure for them. This was what he spent his first year in office on. That is pretty hard to let go of.

Your points are very valid, I guess you are giving them more credit than I.

I think that they believe that they must do this. Especially Harry, he knows he is losing later this year. This is his only shot at it.

Clifton B said...

The Griper:
Oh they will never paint themselves in a bad light. They also don't want to admit it because if they do, it would be quite obvious how much political capital was spent to come away with nothing.

Clifton B said...


Make no mistake there are some ideologues who are all ready to take the Thelma and Louise drive off the cliff for this bill. The problem is there simply aren't enough of them. So long as that stays true, ObamaCare is dead.

Clifton B said...


Thanks. By the way I caught your radio show. You and Nikki are a gas!

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