Sunday, January 24, 2010

The natives are getting restless: Ed Schultz tells Robert Gibbs he is FOS

I love went lefties eat their own!  Slowly but surely the left is waking up to the fact that their mighty supermajority in Washington has not amounted to jack shit, and they are turning their rage on each other.

MSNBC loon Ed Shultz told a Minnesota audience at the Blue State Bash that he called out Robert Gibbs off the air after Gibbs’ appearance on Thursday.

 SCHULTZ: I told him he was full of sh*t is what I told him. … And then he gave me the Dick Cheney f-bomb. … I told Robert Gibbs, I said “And I’m sorry you’re swearing at me, but I’m just trying to help you out. I’m telling you you’re losing your base. Do you understand you’re losing your base?” 
Do you get the feeling that the magic has worn off?  Obama had better hurry up and get with the program, because he cannot afford to have his base joining in with the right and the middle in bashing him.

Shultz also promises to air his show across the street from the Sarah Palin/ Michele Bachmann event scheduled for April 7:
If all of you here will make a commitment to me tonight that if I bring my TV show right across the street from where they’re doing their rally, you’ll all show up. [applause] That a deal? Ok, we’ll do it. [...]
We need to get rid of Michele Bachmann. [applause] Any congressional member who thinks that members of Congress should be investigated for their anti-American views doesn’t understand what voting is all about.
Something tells me Mr. Schultz had better bus in some extras, because methinks he is going to be grossly outnumbered.


The Griper said...

"Something tells me Mr. Schultz had better bus in some extras, because methinks he is going to be grossly outnumbered."

he chuckles, "now wouldn't just be a shame." :)

Janelle said...

Mr. Shultz is definitely looking for love in all the wrong places.

Foxmuldar Blog said...

Yep, Mr. Schultz has sturred up a hornets nest, and he and his lefties are the ones that are going to get stung. Griper is so right. Shults and his few followers will be out numbered 100 to 1 or more. How many viewers does MSNBC have these days. Not many if we look at their ratings. So Ed, bring you handfull of idiots and be prepared to be trampled. I have to mark April 7 on the calendar. Thats the Day Eddy boy is run out of town.

Just a conservative girl said...

That sounds like fun, too bad I can't be there.

dave in boca said...

Baghdad Bob Gibbs' reasoning resembles that of a ship's officer in the Titanic crew whom a survivor remembered telling passengers "Iceberg? What iceberg? I didn't see an iceberg!" Presumably said expert sailor kept repeating that to everyone until his hat floated....

And wasn't Ed the Union Thug the dude who said he'd cheat to beat Scott Brown? Should have asked Baghdad Bob if the Obamacons were remiss in not engaging in Chicago-style electioneering. You know, the 150,000 dead Bostonians still on Dem voter rolls. Turns out Mayor Menini had an ax to grind with Coakley, so the graves didn't exercise their Dem suffrage rights!

Anonymous said...

Lefties are SCARY these days...They actually are fun to's like watching REALITY HORROR MOVIES for free!!!!! and MICHELLE BACHMAN ROCKS!!!! and you Shultz! you are such a DOLT!!!!

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