Friday, January 22, 2010

Female Suicide Bombers may be headed to the US

It looks like Al Qaeda in Yemen is stepping up their game. ABC News is reporting that Yemen has trained female suicide bombers who look like Westerners and have western passports. These female suicide bombers are on the loose and may be headed here.

Anyone else thinking that the piss poor handling of the Panty Bomber has emboldened Al Qaeda? I cannot help but wonder if this is the reason why the UK raised their terror level today?  Does the UK know something more about this?

Click over to ABCNews and watch the video there, it rather chilling. Especially when you learn that two of the people on the no fly list were stopped in Minneapolis and in Fort Lauderdale questioned and released.

Via: ABC News


Just a conservative girl said...

My hubby told me he is convinced that something is going to happen within the next month, but he thinks in Europe. He is a analyst on national security issues.

Clifton B said...


Thanks for the heads up on that. I too believe we are on a count down to another attack, sadly I think it will be here.

Opus #6 said...

This is precisely why profiling does not work. Next they will be sending the elderly. You really do need to screen everybody.

The Griper said...

this is exactly why profiling will work. as long as you keep that profile flexible and realize that the x factor is always a part of the formula.

that is the whole purpose of the idea of intelligence gathering, to give us the knowledge so that we may prepare for terroristic acts and to know who is trying to commit them.

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