Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bob McDonnell’s GOP Response to Obama’s State of the Union address

Bravo to Bob McDonnell for putting forth a competent GOP response. No stupid sing song voice and an amazing venue. Giving the response at a state house should be standard procedure for any GOP governor. It held up nicely to the powerful venue of the Capitol. Extra kudos for no standing ovations, but simple applause instead.

I like that McDonnell took the high road and avoided any partisan shots at Obama. Where McDonnell came close to being partisan was when he discusses the healthcare bill. However, he was killer in his description of the bill and its process.

I appreciated how he recognized our individual contributions to helping Haiti. So many people forget that individual contributions will match our government’s assistance.

McDonnell’s gratitude to his daughter for her military service was an excellent touch.

All in all, McDonnell turned in one of the best GOP response, I have seen in a long time. He also looked quite presidential doing it too. Mitt Romney beware.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: CBS News (click here for the full transcript)


The Griper said...

yes, a great contrast of principles explained here over the principles that Obama espouses.

Just a conservative girl said...

I love him. I take a great deal of pride that I worked to help get him elected.

His campaign should be used as a blueprint for the GOP. He is impressive. I do think that that he will make a run for presidency one day.

Scott Brown did some of the same type of things that McDonnell did. Neither one of them allowed the media to bring them into the gutter. They picked their points and stuck to them.

Maxine said...

I liked it too. I was thankful that you really could see the contrast between the two parties when you listened to the response. I hope these distinctions continue to become clearer in the days ahead.

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