Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is Martha Coakley having a Scozzafava like meltdown?

Remember back to the NY-23 race when Doug Hoffman started to serious gain on über RINO Dede Scozzafava? Towards the end of her ill-fated campaign, Dede made two big mistakes that seem to spell her campaign was out of control. First there was Dede calling the cops on the Weekly Standard reporter and then there was that disaster of a press conference Dede held, with the gazillion Hoffman supporters in the background.

Today on Memeorandum, there are two stories about the Democrat candidate Martha Coakley who is running for the US Senate seat in Massachusetts.  They are stories about two of her recent blunders that seem to have the same feel as Scozzafava before her meltdown.

First, there is Martha making an ass of herself by saying there is no way to win in Afghanistan and that there are no terrorists left there.

Mind you during this debate, Martha said that gem and Scott Brown said he was running for “the people’s seat”.  Talk about out matched.

To address this oneupmanship , Martha immediately launched an attack ad against Scott Brown. However the substance of the ad is overshadowed by the fact that the ad contains a misspelling of the very state she wants to represent!

These two stories have the same bumbling feel that Scozzafava had when she was caught off guard by Hoffman’s late surge. The blog The Plum Line is reporting that the Coakley camp has sent out an “urgent” private memo to top Dem donors, claiming that their internal polling shows a "very tight" race.
Again more shades of the Scozzafava meltdown.

Could Republicans get lucky and have Coakley and the Dems complete meltdown just before the race?  Possible, we all know the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Via: The Fray


Just a conservative girl said...

There is one more to add to your list. She is down in my neck of the woods tonight, having a dinner with lobbyists.

Not really a good visual with all the talk of how bad the lobbyists are.

Clifton B said...


An one more thing, one of her goons roughed up the same Weekly Standard reporter Scozzafava called the cops on.

jadedfellow said...

Not well versed on this Man, but what I have run across about him is impressive.

I do hope he wins this race and hopefully it will be the beginning of the process of handing the baton back to the American public so we can go back to running own lives again.

Thanks for the update.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

She represents everything that is wrong with the arrogant, political elite that think they can RULE this country rather than represent the people.

btw, did you see The Corner piece on that goon shoving the WS reporter to the ground? http://corner.nationalreview.com/post/?q=MWU4NDVjNjhmNjhhYjYyYzRlZGUzNmExMmVmZWU3OGI=

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