Friday, January 29, 2010

SOTU Part II: Obama speaks with House GOP (Full Video)


While some House GOP members may have thought it was a good idea to tape Obama answering their questions, they utterly failed by not allowing follow up questions. Basically what we have is Obama talking to the camera with GOP members off camera and Obama being allowed to say one falsehood after another.  Without follow up questions, there was absolutely no way to call Obama on his bullshit. Thus Obama looks like he is batting GOP questions out of the park.

Take for example Obama said that the overwhelming majority of the healthcare debate was on C-SPAN. This is just a blatant lie, worse yet; Pelosi and Reid locked Republicans out of the process. Without a follow up questions, Obama’s lie is left to stand sounding like truth. 

Obama is even allowed to get away with saying he is not an ideologue, despite never really perusing anything but leftwing ideas on healthcare, the economy, national security and terror. The entire 85 minutes worked in Obama’s favor, by allowing him to use falsehoods to make himself look reasonable and responsible. In other words, Obama was allowed to repeat his State of the Union performance.

Now that Republicans have that one crucial vote to filibuster Obama’s agenda, Obama has clearly decided to start beating Repubicans with the “America wants bipartisanship” stick. This will not doubt play with the less principled members of the party, thus giving the Democrats their 60th vote back and as is the case with the House, political cover. 


Anonymous said...

And there you have the necessary rise of the Tea-Party. The Republicans are fools if they think meeting Obama and the Dems halfway is good for them. They should know they cannot reach out to Pelosi and company and still win elections. Perhaps they are afraid of being labeled the party of no ( which is not actually an insult when you're standing on principles and the Constitution). After all these years, the Dems have always accused the GOP of not playing nice(more projection from the party of slavery).If they compromise again at the expense of the people,maybe it will be time for a third party.

Soloman said...

I watched the three-headed MSNBC monster (Maddow, Matthews, and Olbermann) discussing this, and it was another love-fest.

"He's the smartest ever," "That statement was very 'Clintonian'," "You don't really ever get to see how smart he is... We really get to see here he's brilliant without a teleprompter."


Your statement is spot on... without follow-up chances, he gets to close each discussion with his agenda appearing to be correct, so that only people that pay attention understand the difference.

Sadly, we know that many people were sitting in restaurants, bars or airports today with CNN on in front of them, and got spoon fed a bunch of Obama sans rebuttal.

BTW - I posted the "I am not an ideologue" to Youtube and then to my blog, because we all need a good laugh.

Just a conservative girl said...

I don't know that I agree that Obama got the better of this. There is a lot to take away from this. His statement that Obamacare is centerist, and him saying he is not a ideologue. Those are statements that can be very useful during campaigns. Unless you are far left, you know this isn't true.

I also think that they got him to admit that the GOP has given ideas, it makes Pelosi and Reed look bad.

People are not so stupid that they don't know he went back on his promises of transparency. That is obvious. He may think that they can paint the GOP as not working with them, but that is a double edged sword. They will also need to show that he is willing to become more centerist; clearly he is not based on his statements today.

Foxmuldar Blog said...

What Obama does best is lie. He used the SOTU to talk down the Supreme Court Justices. But Alito was right, it was Obama that lied again. And about that foreign money influencing the elections, check this out, to see who really got the foreign donations.

But of course the Liberal media will never mention these facts.

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