Thursday, May 13, 2010

Billboard: Mr. President, I need a freakin job

Obama was in Buffalo, New York today visiting a metal fabrication plant and enjoying some Buffalo Wings with fries (Michelle is gonna kick his ass).  While there, this snappy billboard went up in time to greet him. 
(CNN) -- "I need a freakin job."
That's the message on a billboard that went up in Buffalo, New York, just in time for President Obama's town hall meeting there Thursday.
On CNN's American Morning, the creator of the billboard, Jeff Baker, said he was inspired to help pay for the eye-catching gimmick because he wanted to "refocus the national dialogue" back to "basic job creation."
When the economy went south, Baker and his brother lost their 10-year-old textile business, which employed 25 people. Their family's woes are reflected throughout the city of Buffalo, which suffers from one of the country's highest poverty rates, with nearly 30 percent of its population living at or below the poverty line. Buffalo's unemployment rate is at 8.6 percent, while the national average is 9.7 percent.[…]
Baker is asking for more frank discussion that leads to tangible job creation.
"I would love to sit down and talk about the small-business perspective, a beer-jobs summit with regular knuckleheads like me," he told The Buffalo News.
The billboard has inspired a Facebook movement, found by searching for Close to 1,000 people had said they "like" the site and had left encouraging messages on its wall when the billboard made national news Thursday morning. 
I can feel Mr. Baker’s pain, but the only thing government can do to create real private sector jobs is to get out of the way. Unfortunately, this administration is firmly locked into the belief that government is the answer for all.

Below is the CNN interview of Jeff Baker.

Here is the full video from

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Teresa said...

I feel their pain. I need a freakin job. I have an illness that is finally under control now, so hopefully even if I find a job which requires standing up for hours I will be able to do that.

Just a conservative girl said...

Where did they get the money to pay for this? I find it a little odd.

You need to listen to woman who called Michael Savage. It will become crystal clear how Obama became president.

hparis said...

the 8.6 percent unemployment is deceiving. Sure - if you count working at McDonald's or Walmart 20 hours a week a job!

Buffalo's problems go way beyond the Federal government. Even if we had the most Libertarian president and congress ever, we would still have to contend with hyper-socialist New York State with it's labor unions and social welfare. California gets all the press, but New York isn't far behind.

I'm a lifelong Buffalonian. I love my home, but if I ever won the lottery, I would split to the freest state in the union the day before yesterday. Sad.

Even sadder were the throngs of people screaming for Obama like he was Paul McCartney or Elvis Presley or something. Buffalo is a socialist town, and it's inhabitants think there's nothing wrong with lining up for their "free Obama money" like they do in Detroit.

Anonymous said...

These are the same people who fell for Obama's lies and voted for him.

Hot Sam said...

I'm not sure what amuses me more, the idea that they think he can squat and crap them a job or that he's unable to do so.

I'm not sure what I enjoy more, the fact that they're out of work or the fact Obama's re-election hopes ride on his promise to bring them work.

Obama voters and Obama - perfect for each other. They ought to get a place together somewhere in Venezuela or North Korea.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Awesome!!! I've linked to the AP news article, I already saw on the net.

Thank you for putting this up!

Hal (GT) said...

Yeah, I agree with you about the gov not being the one to ask for a job. They need to get out of the way.

But that is not going to be the case unless wise Americans get up and take Congress back.

babyboomer59 said...

I don't think Mr Baker is expecting Pres Obama to give him a job. He's trying to get the Obama administration to focus their attention on the ridiculous unemployment rate.

knowledge is power said...

What a waste of money. Billboards cost at least $10k+. That money could have been better spent putting orgone out there to combat chemtrails and elf waves coming from cell phone towers.

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