Thursday, May 13, 2010

Video: Lt. Col West on radical Islam

This video is from February (h/t The Right Scoop). In it a guy (off camera) from Red State asks a panel about the motivations of radical Islam. Two gentlemen give vague answers and then Lt. Col. West cuts to the chase.

I am hard pressed to think of anyone in politics today who would have to courage to say anything like that. I am pretty amazed that Lt. Col. West hasn’t made it big in politics yet. I hope, after getting elected to the House, he immediately finds a governorship somewhere and then make a run for the White House. I would vote for him in a second.   


Quite Rightly said...

If you want to vote for this guy in a second, you'd better be fast on your feet. There'd be a rush to the polls that would make your head spin. :)

Anonymous said...

I love West, I'm sorry that I don't live in Fl and can't vote for him. We need a clean sweep of Washington and replace everyone with his clones.

I second his run for the WH, is it too early too donate? And I'm saying that as a white person so of course I'm MUST be racist and have ulterior motives.

America needs Lt. Col West, he kicks A and doesn't take names.

Just a conservative girl said...

I have said it before, but it bears repeating; I LOVE this man.

trinity said...

West is a shining example of service to country and is a true patriot. I would vote for him in a minute, as well.

spc said...

You can almost feel the agitation and squirming in the seat he must have been feeling as he listened to the others talk. Then he just said enough and tore it up.

I did not expect him to provide examples of military history which was impressive on a level above the "straight-talk".

Educated military man that is a conservative and a minority- no wonder you don't hear about him. He would destroy all the stereotypes liberals have constructed over the years. Media controls what you see and, well, you see where that goes.

Tyrone said...

I hope this guy is in my district in FL!! I love this guy! If he governs and legislates like he talks he is what this country needs.

doublegenealogytheadoptionwitness said...

I LOVE this guy is what Obama got.

Rather, I deeply RESPECT this guy, for his stated notions and unhesitating delivery. I TRUST this guy based on hard evidence of a life well lived, his direct purpose of action, and humble nature. I ADMIRE this guy for his knowledge base - yet seeking - that is magnified through his common sense yet kindly "little red hen" approach. I will continue to listen and pray that he can answer, in some measure, a nation's need.

SirKnob said...

You've heard me say it before. LTC West is one of the best candidates running anywhere. I def think the man is Presidential material. But, lets get him in the House first.

Go West Go :-)

spc said...

baby steps-

We have to think like liberals have thought. They have calculated over many years, and past their own life-times- it is weird to think that they have given their lives to move forth an agenda they may never see. We must be willing to provide that same sacrifice, and understand that we may never see the fruits of our labor.

Adopt a mentality of a long term strategy and we will be going places, far more quickly than the opposition progressives did since it took the about 50-80 years before they realized the same.

We have their playbook, lets do the same to them.

It is unfortunate that it will be a long-term battle through which we will not survive, but the hope is that others will be supported by what we build now.

ClassicFilm said...

LTC West, an articulate, no-nonsense man with a spine, willing to speak the truth about radical Muslims. Zowie! Chilling and brutally honest - it doesn't get much better than that. He gave me goose bumps. Yes, should I ever have an opportunity to vote for this man, I will most definitely consider it.

Janelle said...

Clifton, LtCl Allen West may be one of the keepers after he is far, excellent. I'm all for at least two terms, but cynical enough to know that D.C. corrupts people. Although, he is career military and made of tougher stuff than most of the boobies in Congress. This isn't just pass the popcorn, it's a whole grand buffet!

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