Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Time Square car bomb suspect has ties to Pakistan

The latest in the failed Time Square car bombing is that the suspect appears to have ties to Pakistan. So much for the left’s angry white teabagger theories. 
ABC News: Federal authorities are closing in on the man they say is a person of interest in the Times Square car bomb attempt this weekend, who is described as a naturalized American citizen who hails from Pakistan and just returned after spending five months there.
There is growing evidence the bomber did not act alone and had ties to radical elements overseas, with one senior official telling ABC News there are several individuals believed to be connected with the bombing and that at least one of them is a Pakistani-American.[…]
Officials declined to provide the specifics that led them to believe there were overseas links to a larger plot.
Authorities said another clue in the investigation is a video posted online early Sunday morning by persons in Connecticut, who may have been involved in the bomb attempt and are being sought by law enforcement. The video, posted on a site registered one day before the attack, has the Taliban in Pakistan claiming responsibility for the attempted bombing. 
Why was NYPD so quick to dismiss that Pakistan Al Qaeda YouTube video Sunday? Just because they have film of a white man changing shirts, doesn’t mean this isn’t related to Al Qaeda.  Have authorities already forgotten about the two Jihad Janes earlier this year, if there could be two Jihad Janes, why not a Jihad Joe?

More signs are pointing towards Pakistan and an international connection. 
Fox News: Sources say that evidence includes international phone calls made by the person of interest, who has not been identified publicly. The Associated Press identified the person as a man of Pakistani descent, citing unnamed law enforcement sources.
Police also have interviewed the registered owner of the bomb-laden sports-utility vehicle. They say he is not a suspect, but he recently sold the dark-colored 1993 Nissan Pathfinder on Craigslist to another individual, whom the Associated Press reports was the Pakistani-American. 
Jammie Wearing Fool, has a theory that ties together, the white guy, Pakistani influence and the South Park connection. NYPD may want to think about this.

Jammie Wearing Fool: The media has been hyperventilating about the video of a bald white man seen on video Saturday evening in the aftermath of the attempted car-bombing in Times Square. Well, what do you know, a bald white man who belongs to the radical group that threatened the South Park creators recently just so happened to be in the immediate neighborhood.
A Queens Islamic group that warned the creators of "South Park" of retaliation for lampooning the Prophet Muhammed denied involvement Sunday in the Times Square bomb plot.

Younus Abdullah Muhammed, who runs the Web site RevolutionMuslim.com, said he was in Times Square at the time the car bomb was discovered, but he insisted he was not involved in the botched bombing.
"What do you think, I commanded somebody to blow up a building in the middle of Times Square?" a testy Muhammed told the Daily News.
NYPD detectives are looking into whether the attempted bombing is linked to a warning issued last month by the Revolution Muslim group against the Comedy Central animators.
Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said detectives have not ruled out a connection between the Queens group and the Saturday terror scare outside the headquarters of Viacom, which owns Comedy Central.
"It had nothing to do with the 'South Park' controversy. It was not an attack targeting Viacom," Muhammed said.
He said he was on 42nd St. and Broadway in Times Square about 6:30 p.m. Saturday - just about the time a bomb-packed SUV was found on 45th St. and Broadway.
"I was down there with a loudspeaker and a speaking permit from the NYPD telling people that [President] Obama is a fascist. That's where I was, right down the street," said Muhammed, adding that authorities had not contacted him.

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