Friday, May 14, 2010

Elena Kagan’s college thesis "To the Final Conflict: Socialism in New York City 1900-1913."

Erik Erickson from Red State has tracked down Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan’s college thesis paper. No surprise it is about socialism.  I not surprised because it makes her another member of the administration who shows some love for this failed economic system, but also because you find tons of college students writing about this topic.  Let’s face it, many of America’s college professors were radicals and if you want to impress them, you give them what they like.

Here is part of the closing paragraphs that many are latching on to:
"The story is a sad but also a chastening one for those who, more than half a century after socialism's decline, still wish to change America."
"Yet if 'the history of Local New York shows anything, it is·that American radicals cannot afford to become their own worst enemies. In unity lies their only hope."
The question today is does she still think fondly of socialism even though she knows its failures or was these just thoughts from a 20 year old college thesis? Hard to tell thus far and that is why Republicans need be thorough during the confirmation process.

You can read her whole thesis in PDF format here or you can trip over to Doug Ross for the highlights.


Just a conservative girl said...

I don't know what to make of this as many young people think there is virtue in Socialism; I was very idealistic when I was younger. As I have grown up I have realized that idealism doesn't mean taking from one to give to another.

ChrisIsRight said...

Her views on the "redistribution of free speech" are enough for me. And, if she's going to remain tight-lipped on her opinions (since we have no actual work experience as a judge to go on), I have to base my opinion of her based on what surfaces, no matter how old.

49er16 said...

"Let’s face it, many of America’s college professors were radicals and if you want to impress them, you give them what they like."

You just described my college professor for Economics. He believes Socialism is better than Capitalism. I gave him what he wanted and moved on. Good thing Economics wasn't my major.

spc said...

"idealism doesn't mean taking from one to give to another"

In my discussions with liberals this is the most important point that I try to make them explain. Usually they will dance and dance and I will try to corner them into admitting that the above is what they want. Once you have them you have to try to force them to explain why that is okay.

Their argument falls apart and they either accept that it is wrong, or they excuse it, but that truth is key to any honest discussion.

As far as the story about the SC nominee goes, I can't help but think back to GB's shows detailing how so many people in Obama's administration think this way. It is unbelievable that it is not being questioned in the media, and some would even choose to avoid bringing it up in order to maintain civility and credibility. I would say that the people are on our side, and that we can not win a war of ideas by playing by rules which the other side doesn't even know exist.

GB pointed out a while ago that soon the discussion will become about whether or not socialism is even a relevant issue, after the overwhelming evidence proves that it is a goal. He said the discussion would change from denial to a discussion about "what's the big deal?".

This is happening very quickly and, unfortunately, in a SC pick, it can have changes that will impact us for a very long time.

Hot Sam said...

Oh, please. I took a course on communism taught by a communist and I did my group project on designing our own commune. But no part of my paper or presentation lavished praise, gave gushing sympathy for the failure of people who "wished to change" America with communes, or gave people advice on how to form a successful commune.

This wasn't a course project - it was her CHOSEN thesis topic and she acknowledged her brother's introduction to radicalism. It certainly wasn't gratitude for a fruitful line for continuing research.

On the topic of research, her publication record shouldn't have earned her tenure at a third tier state school in Appalachia much less tenure at Harvard. She's an intellectual lightweight.

Bear in mind her amicus brief to the SCOTUS for FAIR v. Rumsfeld was rebuked 8-0. Imagine if she had been on the court and wrote her minority opinion. The majority would have torn her to shreds.

I've visited about six sites today talking about Kagan's thesis and all the leftists are out with their identical talking points, "Oh, just because she wrote ABOUT socialism doesn't mean she's a socialist or in sympathy with them."

Well, the expression of sadness and the euphemistic description of socialists as "those who wish to change the world" are dead giveaways.

I wrote a paper on the failure of Chile's first wave of privatization. I also examined and described characteristics that led to more successful subsequent efforts. But I certainly didn't express emotional remorse or praise for the policy outcomes regardless of my personal feelings on the matter. It was an empirical analysis and the data either supported my thesis or it didn't. But one could reasonably and correctly conclude that my choice of examining privatization reflected my positive opinion of it. I would not be ashamed, 20 years from now, under any circumstances, to claim I thought privatization of Latin America's state-owned enterprises was a good idea.

It should be instructive that liberals run for cover when their college theses are dug from the dusty shelves of their alma maters. John Kerry actually bought up nearly every copy he could find of his book, The New Soldier, when he ran for president.

Patricia said...

We are a lone vulnerable country surrounded by a sea of socialists that have been hard at work for decades to bring us into their failed idea of a socialist government. A government lead by the wealthy elites
that will tax and control every aspect of our lives.

Obamas appointments to the supreme court will give the majority vote to the socialist judges that will strip away all the rights that we are trying so hard to keep. And these lifetime appointments will ensure that for decades to come we will have no one to defend and protect the constitution and the "little people" of this country.

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