Thursday, May 6, 2010

Obama is the biggest recipient of BP cash in 20 years

Humm, I am starting to notice a pattern here. It looks like so many of the companies that have caused America so much grief lately were all top donors to the Obama campaign.

First we have Freddy Mac, who played all kinds of accounting games to enrich their bonuses and finally had to be bailed out. Obama was their second highest recipient of campaign contributions.

Next up, Goldman Sachs, this company plays fast and loose on Wall Street and somehow always seems to land on their feet. They also seem to have an exceptionally high number of former employees working in the administration. Goldman Sachs was Obama’s second highest corporate donor.

Finally we have BP, who according to the administration is solely responsible for possibly the worst environmental disaster in the nation’s history. Today we learn that they too gave big bucks to the Obama. 
Politico: […] BP and its employees have given more than $3.5 million to federal candidates over the past 20 years, with the largest chunk of their money going to Obama, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Donations come from a mix of employees and the company’s political action committees — $2.89 million flowed to campaigns from BP-related PACs and about $638,000 came from individuals.
On top of that, the oil giant has spent millions each year on lobbying — including $15.9 million last year alone — as it has tried to influence energy policy.
During his time in the Senate and while running for president, Obama received a total of $77,051 from the oil giant and is the top recipient of BP PAC and individual money over the past 20 years, according to financial disclosure records.[…]
Boy, all that Hopey and Changey stuff sure was expensive!

Via: CNN


sarainitaly said...

Don't forget about AIG.

Or the pharmaceutical industry. Or SEIU, for that matter....

Craig said...

Where's all that "Drill here. Drill now" you were so big on?

Clifton B said...

american girl in italy:

Ugh, how could I forget AIG! That left such a gaping whole in the nation's wallet and most of the money went to Europe!

Clifton B said...

Drill here, Drill now is still the right thing to do. Yes, we may have an environmental mess on our hands, but our needs have not changed. Even if a new energy source was found today that could replace oil, it would be more than a decade before we would be oil free. In the mean time what are we to do? Continue risking our safety buying from the Middle East? Continue risking huge fluctuations in oil prices that devastate our economy. These risks are every bit, if not more dangerous than another oil spill.

We should not treat this accident as the ultimate reason never to drill offshore again. Instead, learn from it to improve safety further and move forward. That is what we did after the Apollo 1 fire and we achieved great results.

Anonymous said...

Drilling for oil is nasty and dangerous, little did Americans know, accidents and spills happen in most non-American oil rigs all the time and no one will care to report them.

If environment is really the concern, what's the better place to drill then to do so under American surveillance on American soil.

That, or we can continue to support dictator-ish regimes elsewhere and have numerous bases and soldiers around the world to protect our oil interest.

Sometimes I wonder which is the higher price in terms of blood and dollars.

2nd Anonymous

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