Saturday, May 22, 2010

Obama gives commencement speech at West Point, hints at National Security strategy

I just read the commencement speech Obama gave at West Point today. The full text of that speech can be found here and for those of you who can still listen to Obama, the video can be found here.

For the most part the speech is typical stuff you would expect any president to give to a graduating class at West Point. As a liberal, Obama obviously tosses in references to liberal ideals such as diversity, women in the military and even a few references to clean energy. The real meat of the speech are the references Obama makes that hints at the new National Security strategy that he will unveil next week. 
The burdens of this century cannot fall on our soldiers alone. It also cannot fall on American shoulders alone. Our adversaries would like to see America sap its strength by overextending our power. And in the past, we've always had the foresight to avoid acting alone. We were part of the most powerful wartime coalition in human history through World War II. We stitched together a community of free nations and institutions to endure and ultimately prevail during a Cold War. 
Yes, we are clear-eyed about the shortfalls of our international system. But America has not succeeded by stepping out of the currents of cooperation - we have succeeded by steering those currents in the direction of liberty and justice, so nations thrive by meeting their responsibilities and face consequences when they don't. 
So we have to shape an international order that can meet the challenges of our generation. We will be steadfast in strengthening those old alliances that have served us so well, including those who will serve by your side in Afghanistan and around the globe. As influence extends to more countries and capitals, we also have to build new partnerships, and shape stronger international standards and institutions. 
This engagement is not an end in itself. The international order we seek is one that can resolve the challenges of our times -- countering violent extremism and insurgency; stopping the spread of nuclear weapons and securing nuclear materials; combating a changing climate and sustaining global growth; helping countries feed themselves and care for their sick; preventing conflict and healing wounds. If we are successful in these tasks, that will lessen conflicts around the world. It will be supportive of our efforts by our military to secure our country.  

Obama is pretty much closing the door on America acting unilaterally. Obama, like most liberals, is for America simply being another voice in the international chorus. This suits Obama’s agenda fine. By shuffling off our international problems to the UN and the like, Obama is free to concentrate on his first and only true interest, fundamental transformation through domestic policy.

Think back over the course of the last 16 months. All of our foreign policy issues have been a band-aid and shoved off to the back burner. North Korea and Iran have not been slowed in the least bit. Terrorism in the homeland has reared it head three times already. What has Obama done to provide a lasting fix to any of these issues?

When Obama officially rolls out his National Security strategy, expect it to look an awful lot like something from Europe, with tons of talk and “co-operation” and very little action on the issues.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


I actually lisnted to this particular speech before you posted it. I to am a blogger and refused to comment on it until now.

What Hussein said during the whole thing was nothing. He used quotes, platitudes, cliches and statemnts by far better people than he could ever dream to be.Furthermore, Hussein does not believe anything he qouted.

It was as empty as his soul is period.

Anonymous said...

Why should act on our own, when we can simply beg and kiss up to Russia, Communist China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, etc, for their approval. Isn't an international communist, I meant, community, a great thing?

Opus #6 said...

The majority of the world's nations are anti-Israel. This reason alone makes a cooperative strategy dangerous.

Clifton B said...


I too question whether he believes much of the things he stated in the speech. So much of it goes counter to his actual actions.

Clifton B said...


You think it is bad now? Just wait until 2012 when all those folks you mentioned know Obama is toast. They will not hesitate to get their last licks in before the new president arrives.

Clifton B said...


The majority of the world's nations are anti-Israel.

Our president seems that way too.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

I'd love to hear more about this "international order" that he seeks. Yes, I'm pretty sure I know what he means, but wouldn't it be nice if he just said it? Boldly. And let the American people decide if they want to be a part of this new "order." My guess is a big fat no.

Diplomacy, allies, nations working together is fine, but for BO that means, must and can only mean for him, that we relinquish our sovereignty to this "international order." That's what this speech is about from beginning to end. Make no mistake about it. This is about establishing "strong international institutions" (and we know what that means, right?), and it has nothing to do with America. That's all lip service. What he is talking about is the most anti-American thing possible . . . just what "wounds" is he talking about healing through this international "order"? What wrongs does this lunatic intend to right? And at what price to America (and I do not mean financial price here) to our nation?

This is also, obviously, a plan to spread American wealth all over the globe. After all, we already do all the things he mentions, right? We have lead the fight against violent extremism (not at all related to Islam, though, right?)--I'd dearly love to know what he has in mind when he says an international "order" is going to help with "insurgency." We have been working on the nukes issue since JFK was president. The global warming thing is total BS. And he knows it. We already send billions of dollars of aid to countries, as well as medical support and help people learn how to farm effectively, we build schools and churches . . . We do it all already. And rather effectively, as well.

So what's with the new international "order"? And what exactly are these international "standards" he wants to "shape" for the world? Indeed, a very fundamental transformation.

Janelle said...

On the prompter yet again............

Anonymous said...

I just saw a clip of BO at West Point on the news and I was reminded of what I had been hearing on Sean Hanetty and Micheal Savage all week. I payed special attention to who they clipped. They clipped Susie Orman, Katie Curic, John McCain, The Attorney General, BO's know the one who told Heinz how to make Ketchup...anyway it was all LIBERALS on CBS I think. Well it doesn't much matter as all the mainstream media is in the pocket of the liberals. If you want the truth you can't find it on government run TV.

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