Saturday, May 15, 2010

Complete Video: The Attack On Mohammed Cartoonist Lars Vilks

Some of you have already seen the video clip where Muslim students, who were enraged by his work, attack the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks. Ace of Spades posted the complete video, which contains the full aftermath of the attack.

The video is about 10 minutes long, watch it all the way through. It tells so much more than the short clip of the attack.

The thing that jumps out at me the most is that these native Swedes have to be the most passive bunch of sheeples I have ever seen. Right before their eyes, these angry Muslim students trample over free speech; the hallmark of western civilization and the Swedes can’t even muster a cough of indignation. With the exception of one young lady who speaks up after the lecture is canceled, not a single one of the Swedes says boo.

Have these people been so cowered by the threat of Islamic violence they dare not defend free speech in their native land or are these sheeple so screwed up in the head with PC BS that all they notice is the offense to the Muslims?

I also cannot help think how perfectly Eric Holder would fit right in with this crowd.

What were your thoughts from the full version of the video?


Right Girl said...

It comes down to deciding what you stand for: freedom or popularity. Standing for freedom takes guts and hard work. Standing for popularity simply takes a willingness to bend and twist - until you're so wound up you can't stand for anything.

spc said...

I didn't expect what I saw-

It's ridiculous how threats of violence against the opinion holder are deemed to be an appropriate response to the opinion.

Act like pissed off 12 year olds that were on the receiving end of a "yo momma so fat" joke- except these are grown people.

Anonymous said...

It disgusts me to see that the descendants of Vikings have become impassive to assaults on their own culture in their own homeland.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Did anyone do a follow up on the one blond girl who spoke up??? Did she get home safely??? What about her safety, on following days?

Anonymous said...

Sad to see a big-ass nation such as Sweden being taken over by a few, umm, wait, what the hell are they anyway? Students or immigrants or something?

2nd Anonymous

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