Monday, May 3, 2010

Immigration Rally in NYC

The blog Berman Post covered the immigration rally in New York City. He has extensive coverage and found a plethora of socialists, communists and unions. Plus some signs that if they were at a Tea Party would no doubt have been featured on all the major news outlets.

For many more images and a first hand account head over to Berman Post.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: Berman Post


Anonymous said...

I live in NYC and there are TONS of communist here living off evil freelancers/small-business tax payers like myself. It's not even funny. And of course, most of them are bums who don't really work that much, as far as I know.

So yes they have a lot of votes and free time, but not much money to buy their politicians to further their communist utopia. I guess their ideal is their undoing, thank God. Kinda like the pacifist mass murder.

Like Berman says on his blog, this just makes immigration look bad.

Unions and commies like to hi-jack everything to their cause, so I am not surprised.

2nd Anonymous

sarainitaly said...

Why is it that so many of Obama's supporters are socialist, but when someone says Obama leans towards socialism, everyone freaks out?

It's not like Socialists don't exist, or that it's not possible Obama is one. Actions speak louder than words... and Obama is telling you and acting like he leans that way.

(Comments to Joe the Plumber, comment about earning enough money, his health care plan...)

Janelle said...

A hearty welcome to legal immigrants! If you arrive tired, poor and intend to remain part of a huddled mass, you should have remained where you came from.

Anonymous said...

>but when someone says Obama leans towards socialism, everyone freaks out?

Because during the cold war, most of the socialist and communist went underground, became think tanks, consultants, became college professors, and all sorts of jobs that you don't really know what are for, and slowly move the country toward communism through soft methods. But it's still too early to really come out and announce the communist utopia is here.

I know quite some white kids [no offense to other white people] here in New York who are bought up believing that communism is good, that communist never did anything bad, that it's the USA that made communism looked bad.

Of course, none of these people lived under communism or socialism, nor did they ever had family members' organs harvested by the commies for sale oversea.

2nd Anonymous

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