Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Video: Radical Immigration Reform Rally, Atlanta, GA

How can the media go on and on and on about right wing violence and fringe movements in the Tea Parties and not say one word about stuff like this?  I have been to three Tea Parties and have never seen anything remotely close to this kind of stuff. Yet boobs in the media, Joe Klein I am talking about you, wants everyone to believe the Tea Parties are about overthrowing the government.

So the next time Joe Klein gets to yammering about sedition, someone please tell him to check out his socialist and communist friends. 

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LL said...

From my personal experience, the Tea Party Rallies are groups of concerned citizens (irrespective of age, race, financial condition, gender, etc.) who gather together to make their voices heard. For the most part they're people who never attended a rally before in their lives and have no intention of violent action. They are simply concerned about the direction the country has taken.

The leftists are the precise opposite. And what's more, they feel as if THEY are the only ones who have the right to protest. As often as not their protests turn violent.

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